The Effect of Colour in Dementia Care Homes

In the past, Dementia Care Homes only catered to the functionality and in some instances, were felt to be uninspiring in specific design to fulfil its livable potential. Fortunately, environmental psychologists have proved that a space that is warm, positive and well-designed can improve patients mental-wellbeing and healthcare. [Find Bespoke by Evans on the BCFA… Read More >

23 June 2021

Franklite’s Dedicated Healthcare Range

Introducing Franklite’s dedicated lighting range for the Health Care industry. The decorative shades of the Woburn range can be designed using antimicrobial fabric making them perfect for Care Homes and Health Care facilities. [Find Franklite on the BCFA Product Finder] The significance of using antimicrobial fabric is the protection it offers against bacteria, fungi, viruses… Read More >

22 June 2021

Whittle Court Retirement Home Refurbishment

Whittle Court is a Stonewater Retirement Living scheme consisting of 40 ground, first and second floor apartments. The project was in need of a refurbishment which was undertaken by Stonewater property team, led by Glenn Loftus, with Interior Design by Diana Celella of Drawing Room Interiors. The residents were very much involved in the refurbishment,… Read More >

9 June 2021

Will Nightingale Hospitals Prompt Health Estates to Consider the Benefits of Busbar?

Paul Allen from CMD, the specialist in underfloor power distribution systems, discusses the use of busbar powertrack in a Nightingale Field Hospital and what can be learned for future hospital development and emergency response. [Find CMD on the BCFA Product Finder] With two vaccines now being rolled out to the UK population, there is hope… Read More >

7 June 2021

The Rise of the Vinyls

The lifespan of vinyl’s are incomparable to other fabrics. The longevity of their makeup Is remarkable making it a really cost effective and sustainable choice for contract settings. With 165 vinyl upholstery fabrics to choose from, ILIV’s collections have been intelligently designed to cater to every aspect of the contract market from faux-leather to herringbone… Read More >

3 June 2021

Dulux Trade – Designing for Dementia

Dulux Trade is furthering its commitment to provide colour and design support to enable the step-change necessary in the provision of environments for an ageing UK population and supporting people living with dementia.  The Dulux Trade Occupant Centred Colour and Design (OCCD) hub showcases industry leading initiatives, piloted alongside industry partners, furthering ideas around the… Read More >

27 May 2021

Healthcare: EGE Carpets

Ege Carpets is a high quality, values focused Danish flooring company, producing beautiful carpet for a sustainable future. Their entire product portfolio is 100% Cradle to Cradle certifiedTM, and with a Green Thread strategy, EGE Carperts ensure sustainability is literally woven into every facet of their business, from the way the team operate, to their… Read More >

20 May 2021

Healthcare: Inside Out Contracts

In the past the interiors of healthcare facilities have been pigeonholed as having lacklustre designs and hospital-like styles. This has been necessary for practical reasons; they are challenging environments that are susceptible to damage and vulnerable to bacteria, so they require the best in hygiene and care. It is, however, just as important to create… Read More >

18 May 2021

Newmor Design & Colour Trends, 2021

Newmor‘s design and colour trends round-up for 2021. This year, Newmor are pleased to share snippets from their design and colour trend observations for 2021. Their in-house design team use these trends throughout the year to develop textures, patterns and colour palettes for their standard and digitally printed wide-width fabric-backed vinyl wallcoverings. We hope you’ll… Read More >

12 May 2021

Trends Report – Care Homes

Data published by the ONS predicates that the over 65’s population will rise to 18.2m by 2050, which is 25% of the total UK population. Strikingly, one in five of this group will be over 85 years old – with this in mind, the BCFA commissioned a market review of the care home sector. Bancmarketing… Read More >

28 April 2021

Healthcare: Newmor Wallcoverings

Newmor are pleased to be launching their healthcare wallcoverings collection. Newmor specialises in commercial quality, wide-width, fabric-backed vinyl wallcoverings. All of their products are designed and manufactured in the UK. With thousands of colours, textures and finishes, the options really are limitless. Use our hashtag – #HealthcareDI Vinyl wallcoverings are highly durable and the perfect… Read More >

16 April 2021

Healthcare: Protocol’s Top Tips

Protocol Furniture has developed an impressive array of suitable products for various projects and design schemes; hotels, restaurants, stadiums, offices, bars, care homes, universities and more. With extensive knowledge about supplying furniture to numerous sectors, Protocol share their top tips in specifying furniture for care-homes as part of our Healthcare Campaign. Use our hashtag – #HealthcareDI Care home furniture is designed and manufactured uniquely to consider the different abilities, movement… Read More >

9 April 2021

Healthcare: Sleepeezee

The Importance of Well-being in Hotel Rooms  Use our hashtag – #HealthcareDI There are many different reasons why someone books a hotel room. Whether it’s for two nights or ten, a weekend away or just somewhere to stay – every guest’s experience is important to a hotel. However, even if a hotel is just a… Read More >

5 April 2021