Designs by Mother Nature – Biomimetic Products

27th February – 24th May 2014

Roca Gallery

What is biomimicry? Derived from the Greek word bios meaning ‘life’ and mimisis, meaning biomimicry refers to the copying, emulating and imitating of nature in all its forms and functions.

Mallard_Bullet Train_Biomimicry_RLG

Dedicating an exhibition to highlight the many everyday products, objects and buildings that have used nature as a source of inspiration, Designs by Mother Nature presents an intelligent, interactive and thought-provoking display of objects, videos and photographs that demonstrates the power of biomimicry.

Divided into three categories; Form, Function and Future, the exhibition considers the varying ways that nature influences design. From imitating the shape of a Mallard’s beak to develop an aerodynamic high-speed train, to copying the natural echolocation ability of a bat to create a radar, the exhibition also considers what the future will bring with a selection of potential design ideas.

Curated by Barcelona-based design and architecture studio, Estudi Ramon Folch (ERF) experts in sustainability, together with ‘Materials Man’ Chris Lefteri, as a curatorial consultant, the exhibition highlights the many ways nature has facilitated effective, attractive, value-added product designs, such as the LG GG-Flex mobile phone concept, which was inspired by human skin.

Designed by the world-renowned FAT Architecture, the exhibition layout responds to the unique interior of the Roca London Gallery and also explores the concept of biomimicry. Using the mathematical Fibonnaci sequence as a basis for the framework, the formation unifies the exhibition categories with a dynamic and striking spatial experience through which visitors move.

Highlighting the wealth of solutions that nature offers designers, architects and engineers; the exhibition displays examples that demonstrate the plethora of designs that have been inspired by nature, including:

Velcro : When the burdock thistle clung to the George de Mestral’s dog’s hair, he discovered a natural hook system that he later developed into Velcro.

Norman Foster’s Gherkin: Inspired by the Venus Flower Basket Sponge, a fibrous latticework that helps to disperse stresses on the organism in various directions.

Glowing Plant: Contemplate ideas for the future including the concept of light-producing plants grown from seed that would eliminate the need for electric lighting. Can we use trees to light up our streets?

Additional images and examples available on request


Visit the exhibition:

Roca London Gallery, Station Court, Townmead Road, London, SW6 2PY

Mon – Fri, 9-5.30pm, Saturday 11-5pm

*Open until 8pm the last Tuesday of every month


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