Edmund Bell: 5 Reasons to Lunch + Learn!

During Clerkenwell Design Week with hosted a conversation looking at how designers can specify with confidence. The discussion covered the role lunch + learn sessions play in suppliers and designers effectively working together.

We took the opportunity to speak with Edmund Bell about their lunch + learn sessions in more detail, sessions which offer an engaging and informative experience tailored for design professionals where you can learn more about their fabric, market trends and topics such as sustainability and industry standards. These sessions provide a unique opportunity to gain insights into the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in the contract fabrics sector.

Stephen Dobson, head of UK Contract at Edmund Bell, fills each Lunch & Learn session with his extensive expertise and in-depth knowledge, ensures it is packed with valuable information, fostering learning and professional development in a relaxed, conversational environment.

Stephen shared 5 Reasons to Lunch and Learn with Edmund Bell:

1. Building Stronger Client Relationships Through Lunch + Learn Sessions

Lunch and Learn sessions provide designers with the unique opportunity to focus their attention solely on you, creating an ideal environment to educate or explore topics they are genuinely interested in. This interactive format not only fosters a deeper understanding but also strengthens relationships and facilitates connections with the wider team. Participants come away with a sense of familiarity and trust, knowing they have a knowledgeable representative to turn to with any queries or questions, ultimately leading to successful collaborations.

2. The Effectiveness of In-Person Communication During Lunch + Learn Sessions

It is more effective to communicate the details of your products in person during a Lunch and Learn because fabric is a tactile product, and people often base their decisions on its touch and feel. Factors such as colour, texture, drape, and overall tactile sensation play a crucial role in their choices. These physical attributes help individuals determine the suitability and appeal of the fabric for their specific needs and projects, which is best experienced first-hand rather than through other methods.

3. Enhancing Lunch + Learn Sessions Through Advance Preparation

Preparing specific information in advance improves the quality and effectiveness of a Lunch and Learn session by ensuring that the content is tailored to the audience’s actual interests and needs. Never assume that what you feel people want to talk about is what they want to discuss. Different practices have their own ideas of what they need to know more about. Therefore, it is always a good idea to consult with attendees when booking the Lunch and Learn session to identify the subject areas they would like to cover. This targeted approach ensures that the session is relevant, engaging, and valuable for all participants.

4. Expanding the Scope of Lunch + Learn Sessions

Lunch and Learn sessions provide an opportunity to discuss topics beyond just the product itself. When discussing and showcasing products, designers often bring up projects they are currently working on. This can lead to conversations about sampling in libraries, sustainability, and even invitations to visit our facilities to see the processes in person, providing a comprehensive understanding and fostering deeper engagement.

5. Effective Alternatives to Lunch and Learn Sessions

If a Lunch and Learn isn’t possible, there are several alternative options to ensure effective client engagement. Individual project meetings or catching up at networking events can be beneficial. Virtual meetings are also a viable alternative, allowing for real-time discussions and presentations. Additionally, we can use resources like Fabric Hub and send samples and brochures by post in advance to facilitate detailed discussions. These alternatives maintain the personal touch and provide ample opportunities for meaningful interaction and engagement.

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