Edmund Bell Explores Bali Freedom

Edmund Bell continues with their Global Traveller Series, this time, Bali Freedom is explored. There is no shortage of inspiration to be found in Bali. Its ancient temples and palaces, lush jungles, dreamy beaches and terraced rice fields make it an island of incomparable beauty. Asia continues to cultivate clean lines and gentle wood finishes.

The essence of Bali requires a blend of influences from nature and of course culture, and there are a few key elements to start with. Firstly, there must be lush greenery – allowing the outdoors to harmonise with the indoors is the first essential step for directing the calmness of a paradise-like Bali…..now that’s the spirit of indoor-outdoor living. The subtlety of Equilbirum and Rhythm woven fabrics balance well with the green and cocoa walls to capture the Bali look.

Every modern-day climate allows both exterior and interior spaces to be populated with tropical foliage like ferns, palms, bamboo and large banana or monstera leaves. This is also where live walls come into their own as well, or on the other hand, a wallpaper to recreate the burst of leafy greens. The calmness of the sanctuary woven fabrics collection would blend perfectly with any sort of wooden carving and panelling.

The Indonesians are also known for incorporating natural materials into their furniture – a solid teak coffee table or a one-off driftwood side table would work perfectly, as well as an ornate figurine carving. These versatile pieces have the ability to feel classic or modern, depending on how you choose to style them. Most wooden pieces remain very versatile and truly add to the Bali freedom feel!

The island’s reputation for quality craftsmanship is a key feature. Skilful craftsmen and their art trades are passed down through generations and often influenced strongly by their spirituality. Look for meticulously crafted artisan wares from carved wooden furniture – like intricate doors, daybeds, buffets and folding room dividers.

Complete the Bali look with colour……pops of bright hues work as well as the more neutral shades punctuated with the lush green exterior. Among the neutrals of the greenery and wood, bold accent patterns and prints are complimented. And by adding small or large decorative details using the Balinese motifs of elephants, lanterns and Buddhas; the serenity of life in Bali is captured perfectly.

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