Edmund Bell’s Global Traveller Series

We continually draw inspiration from around the world, to capture a flavour of those countries with such diverse design influences.

Within this Global Traveller series, BCFA member Edmund Bell are going to feature 11 different trends from around the world, and why they think they are worth drawing inspiration from when it comes to interior life and style.

Design Insider Edmund Bell Trends

“Global politics notwithstanding, great design transcends geographic borders, so now is not the time to be timid about getting away and bringing back bits from abroad. Traveling with an open mind, a keen eye, and a willing wallet is the easiest way to give your rooms a lived-in, many-layered, culture-conscious look” (Russell, 2002, p.18).

Global nuances in design have been felt for centuries and are not new, but usually have their basis and foundation in historical design knowledge. Recognising global trends are the teaching tools to design professionals, enabling them to transfer these influences to real interior life and style.

Over the upcoming months, Edmund Bell will be selecting each Global trend listed above and focusing on them in more detail – so watch this space for what we hope are some inspirational ideas and exciting imagery!

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