NEW: Edmund Bell’s Matrix

Collection: MATRIX

Colour: 22 colours available

Pilling: <7000

FR Standards: M1, B1, EN 13773, BS 5867 Part 2B, IMO FTP code 2010 Part 7, NFPA 701 1+2,Classe Uno

Weight: 200gsm/5.9oz +/- 2%

Edmund Bell is pleased to introduce MATRIX; unpretentious, casual and suitably modern, MATRIX defines easy to use window treatments. A single drape weave that can work independently or mix and match cleverly with other colours.

MATRIX is versatile enough for wide width curtains as well as base valences and the regular mix of interior accessories, and proves that technical finesse can be achieved within a single substrate.

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Design Insider Edmund Bell Matrix 20

Three tone mixes of colour ensure that the strié effect is emphasised referencing a super contemporary piece of fabric. There are 21 colours within the considered palette – plenty of modern neutrals and exciting colours to choose from. 

See the full Matrix inherently flame retardant woven range here.

Design Insider Edmund Bell Matrix Bedroom

For over 160 years, Edmund Bell have been honing their product knowledge and manufacturing expertise to earn our reputation as your entrepreneurial partner who delivers the best quality, added-value and superior service. You can see more of their products on Design Insider by clicking here.

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