Ege’s Suzhou Bozhong Seiko Robot R&D Center: Carpets with visions

Located in a Chinese high-tech industry park, Sozhou Bozhong Seiko Robot R&D Center aims to reach the highest level not only in its products, but in its interior design as well. Ege was selected, a BCFA member, to create astounding carpets for the establishment – including a 360 degree carpet! Sozhou Bozhong operates in various commercial robot segments and thus the office areas distinguish by using different visual themes such as Sunny Beach, Hot Desert, Cool Glacier and Mysterious Universe etc.

The interior concept of Sozhou Bozhong Seiko Robot R&D Center is based on the principle that an excellent interior design is built around respect for human nature. So, to create a comfortable work space the design team from Gold Mantis Construction Decoration Co., Ltd. made in-depth interviews with employees from all levels of the Suzhou Bozhong Seiko Robot R&D Center organisation in the early design stage. To create a human-centred interior design Tong Chao and Xu Rong decided on integrating the earth, air and water elements from the external landscape to the indoor environment.

Design Insider Ege Wujiang Bozhong Meeting

“For the R&D conference room we specified carpets for the floor, wall and ceiling to avoid interfering the idea-generating environment with hard materials.” – Tong Chao, Gold Mantis Construction Decoration Co. Ltd.

When designing the R&D conference room, a 360 degrees custom carpet was developed to encourage employees to generate more and better ideas in their brainstorming process. By installing carpet on the floor, wall and ceiling, the design featuring an astronaut in space signals that everything is possible as long as you believe. Besides contributing with improved sound absorption, the overall carpet installation also spoils the employees’ sense of feeling by being so tangible on several surfaces.

Design Insider Ege Wujiang Bozhong Environment Greenery

The carpet design is an interpretation of the company owner’s vision and thus this overall intention trickles down the organisation by means of expressive carpet designs, among others. When asked about the inspiration for the specific designs, Tong Chao and Xu Rong enhance God’s perspective and Google Maps. During the design process accompanied by Ege designer Rita Cao, the design team saw the possibility of expressing various design themes through the carpets. So, they decided to set as many different themes as possible according to the spatial characteristics.

Tong Chao and Xu Rong use rugs to define smaller areas in open spaces. Thus, specific patterns visually communicate ‘instant communication areas’ and ‘independent thinking zones’. Besides this, carpets are used to complement the remaining interior by repeating colours to underline specific atmospheres. For example, in the desert area colours of carpets, furniture fabrics and ceilings comprise warm yellows. Contrary to this, the ocean area is a cool-toned environment with a combination of white glaciers and shades of blue.

Design Insider Ege Wujiang Bozhong Beach

A detailed presentation or just a quick sketch, a photograph, a certain type of texture or particular pattern: any idea you may have – Ege will merge into the perfect carpet for your project. All you need to do is give them design proposals describing your ideas and wishes and their creative design team will draw up a design draft. Based on your input, they develop a series of design proposals with precise emphasis on what you wish to highlight. Not convinced? Simply look at some of Design Insider’s articles and you can see their truly mesmerising products, such as the Highline Express Classic.

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