EGGER’s sustainability credentials make them the perfect partner for the ARGE German Pavilion @ Expo Milano 2015

Leading European wood-based panel manufacturer, EGGER, is showcasing its products on the world stage as the official partner of the German Pavilion at this year’s Milan Expo.

The Expo Milano 2015 takes place from 1 May to 31 October. Its theme is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” and 20 million visitors are expected to flood through the gates, with three million heading for the German Pavilion.

t the Expo, Germany presents "Fields of Ideas" - a lively, fertile landscape full of ideas and solutions. EGGER decorative wood-based materials were used to create attractive furniture and interior design. © SCHMIDHUBER / Milla & Partner / NÜSSLI
At the Expo, Germany presents “Fields of Ideas” – a lively, fertile landscape full of ideas and solutions. EGGER decorative wood-based materials were used to create attractive furniture and interior design. © SCHMIDHUBER / Milla & Partner / NÜSSLI

Whether they stroll through the exhibition, sit in the restaurant, wash their hands in the washrooms, or experience the ‘Be(e) active’ show – they will be surrounded by EGGER products.

The Working Group German Pavilion (ARGE) selected EGGER as its official partner to supply wood-based materials for the interior fittings. With a complex and demanding build, the German Pavilion was completed on time and has immediately proved to be a magnet for visitors.

White “idea seedlings” provides the necessary shade from the sun and ensures the German Pavilion has a unique presence. © SCHMIDHUBER / Milla & Partner / NÜSSLI
Inside the exhibition, the flame-retardant Eurolight lightweight board provides a striking backdrop. © Nicolas Tarantino

The topics of sustainability, future-oriented solutions and innovation are incorporated into the German Pavilion’s “Field of Ideas” theme and are also reflected in the wood-based products supplied by EGGER. These include recycled wood which can be completely dismantled and recycled into other materials after the show or used to generate energy.

The building stands out thanks to the freely accessible, 10 metre high landscape level, made from domestic wood. Light “idea seedlings” provide shade on the gently rising wooden terrace. Visitors then enter the impressive “Fields of Ideas” in the German Pavilion, where the interior houses an exhibition, with ideas on the future of food, food production and sustainable consumption. The path through the exhibition merges into the magnificent “Be(e) active” show.

Curved wall elements and ceiling panels provide a backdrop to the VIP Lounge, which serves as a bar for receiving prominent guests, as well as a retreat area for undisturbed discussions. © Nicolas Tarantino

Inside the German Pavilion’s exhibition spaces, visitors journey through the topics of soil, water, climate and biodiversity. EGGER Eurolight lightweight boards were selected for this “Garden of Ideas” and provide a colourful and diverse landscape of lamellas.

The composite board was created by EGGER specifically for the German Pavilion and runs for four kilometres in total. It is a strong, flame-retardant 16 mm thick Eurospan Flammex board with a lightweight, highly robust cardboard honeycomb core and curved design. Each one of the 700 Eurolight boards differs from each other.

Germany meets the world: The German Pavilion logo is set into EGGER compact laminate. © Nicolas Tarantino

EGGER was selected by the ARGE German Pavilion as a partner thanks to its leading role in innovative solutions, sustainability, and quality.

Lennart Wiechell, managing partner at SCHMIDHUBER, is the head architect. A central aspect, taken into account when planning and building the entire German Pavilion, was the opportunity to easily dismantle and reuse the materials, which ties in with EGGER’s philosophy on recycling and sustainability.

In the German Restaurant, visitors enjoy contemporary food and design. This is where you can encounter an absolute innovation from EGGER: The innovative flame-retardant compact laminate with the Feelwood synchronised pore surface features here and was specifically developed by EGGER for the German Pavilion. © Nicolas Tarantino

“EGGER’s decorative wood-based materials are a perfect fit for furniture and interior design. We’ve been working with EGGER materials for a long time. Over the past year, we have been particularly surprised by the new surface quality of synchronised pore. For applications requiring long service life and resistance, EGGER provides entirely new opportunities, and the products also fulfil our requirements regarding the look and feel of the material exceptionally well.”

Inside the German Pavilion, it is mainly simple, pure surfaces that are used, such as light oak decors, but also glazed Eurolight lightweight boards. This is in line with the spirit of the project, says Wiechell, which focuses on the conscious and concentrated use of materials and energy. Saving resources through the design has been reflected in the materials chosen.

In the “Symphonie” Restaurant, visitors enjoy their meal in an elegant and stylish atmosphere. The harmonious atmosphere is supported by the H1372, ST22 Natural Aragon Oak decor.© Nicolas Tarantino
The high-quality “dining room” food stand is integrated into the Pavilion façade. Visitors receive their picnic basket across a Graphite EGGER compact laminate counter.© Nicolas Tarantino

“The furniture of the German Pavilion will continue to be attractive after the Expo, and it will enjoy a long life. Further use by Expo fans is a desirable outcome,” says architect Lennart Wiechell, with an eye on the future. The conversion of materials would also make sense in his opinion: “We already have colleges that have expressed an interest in the materials. In addition, the path of recycling still remains, where the previously named solutions should be given priority.”

The sustainable use of wood is a core value at EGGER and includes the concept of cascading use; Timber is made of high-quality log wood, and wood-based materials are made of sawmill by-products, wood from sustainably managed woodlands and recycled materials.

washing your hands turns into a design experience: In the Lounge and Restaurant toilets, effective natural colours accents have been incorporated. © Nicolas Tarantino

Wood that can no longer be used to make products is thermally converted by EGGER. In addition, the company develops technologies to reduce the amount of wood used in its products, such as the Eurolight lightweight board used in the German Pavilion. It requires less material than a comparable solid wood board of the same thickness.

Amy Muir, EGGER UK Category Manager for Specification, said: “With our emphasis on sustainability, innovative products and growing turnover in a challenging market place, we are recognised as a leader in the industry. For this reason, we are extremely proud to have been selected by ARGE German Pavilion as their official partner for Milano Expo 2015.”

Natural Aragon Oak (H1372), Driftwood (H3090) and the calm uni colour Aubergine (U330) ensure a calming atmosphere when combined with the simple, white sinks. © Nicolas Tarantino

Under the motto “More from wood”, EGGER’s 7,200 employees, in 17 locations across Europe, produce a comprehensive range of products made of wood-based materials (chipboard, OSB and MDF boards), as well as timber.

The company generated a turnover of EUR 2.22 billion in the 2013/2014 business year. EGGER has customers worldwide in the furniture industry, wood distribution and DIY markets. EGGER products are found in countless areas of private and public life: in kitchens, bathrooms, offices, hotels and shops.



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