Fine Dining in Birmingham with Versital

Created by The Wilderness, Nocturnal Animals is a restaurant and bar with a modern, daring feel. The restaurant offers its customers a taste of fine British cuisine, while the bar serves one of the best cocktails in the city. BCFA member Versital assisted in the installation process.

As a project, Nocturnal Animals has been conceived to break away from the stuffy rules of fine dining and provide its visitors with an experience. The designers aimed to create an unpretentious venue drawing inspiration from one of the most colourful periods of British history.

Design Insider Versital Nocturnal Animals Entryway

“We handed a very brave, bold and detailed brief to the 2G team and they delivered against it on time and on budget. With a project like this attention to detail is paramount; the result is something that’s unparalleled in the city.” – Alex Claridge, Chef-patron.

The venue is home to strong, dark colour palette that brings to life pop culture of the 70s and 80s. The place features many neon and steel accents, adding to the interesting finish for its interiors.

Design Insider Versital Nocturnal Animals launch

“We were thrilled to be part of the amazing Nocturnal Animals project. We thought the design and colour palette put together by Faber Design were daring and different. We are always keen to push to boundaries of style and colour, and we are all extremely happy to contribute to the final result.” – Gemma Stockberger, Sales and Marketing Director of Versital.

Versital worked closely Faber Design who created this fabulous venue, and also 2G Design and Build, who project managed sourcing all of the materials and fittings to bring the bold project to life. Together the companies created a stunning bar and dining destination, in a style never before seen in Birmingham.

Design Insider Versital Nocturnal Animals underground

“The bar creates a modern look with a twist, whilst being fully water and stain proof – a quality of utmost importance to a busy place like Nocturnal Animals.”   Gemma Stockberger, Sales and Marketing Director of Versital.

Versital supplied made to measure bar front panels as well as a custom bar top for the main cocktail bar in the venue. The designers selected ‘Stratos’ marble finish, which beautifully compliments the rest of the interior. An edgy dark blue marble, this modern venue gives the classic marble a new lease of life.

Design Insider Versital Nocturnal Animals Bar

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