Flexible desks for flexible settings: TC Office

From the smallest studio to the largest call centre, TC Office have created a Bench configured to meet every need. Design Insider spoke with Alex Worswick, Brand and Marketing Manager, who discussed the company and product portfolio that is suitable for most offices.

TC Bench sell exclusively through their network of dealers who cover a range of industries and sectors, including education, blue chip clients and start-up businesses.

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What is the history of TC Bench?

TC began selling a bench system 8 years ago and have completed projects through our network of dealers for many large blue chip companies including Sainsburys, King.com (the makers of candy crush!) and Epsom computers.

One interesting fact you may not know is that we started in 1990 working from an office in Chew Magna near Bristol, with a small warehouse. When we say ‘office’ we mean ‘bungalow’, and when we say ‘warehouse’ we mean ‘pig shed’, that’s right, we housed our furniture products in a converted old pig shed!

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Please could you tell us about your design, business and production environmental considerations?

Here at TC we recognise that the environment is extremely important and therefore we want to make sure we make the smallest negative impact possible. Concern for the environment is an integral and fundamental part of TCs corporate business strategy and our Operations Director is responsible for overseeing and implementing policy requirements and representing environmental issues. We demonstrate this by using manufacturing processes which minimise adverse environmental impact and associated hazards in production, product use and disposal.

TC is certified to ISO 14001 environmental standards. We therefore comply with a strict set of criteria to ensure that our environmental impact is being measured and improved on every year.

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We are also constantly working to reduce our environmental footprint. We understand the benefits that recycling can have on protecting our environment and reducing both our and our clients’ carbon footprint. We ensure that our products are designed to last and exceed their 5 year guarantee. Once this long life has been exceeded the Bench products are made from recyclable steel or designed using components that can be easily refurbished and repaired to ensure the longevity of the product.

Could you tell us about your product portfolio? 

We have a full range of single or back to back bench systems in three desk sizes from stock, however we can create many bespoke sizes using our metal framework. This is complimented with a wide range of screens available in more than 40 different fabric types and hundreds of colours, as well as a comprehensive accessories including power modules and monitor arms. This allows us to provide a complete solution for any size of office.

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Please could you introduce us to your new flexible bench.

This versatile product allows you to add and remove workspaces as needed.  A 2 person configuration features two goal post end legs, 2 desk tops and 2 structural beams. To create space to accommodate additional users, simply add an intermediate leg with your top and beams. With the implementation of the intermediate leg, you can extend your standard configuration by two spaces without taking up additional space. With Bench, we care about those finishing touches – the cable riser, cable tray and hidden screen brackets make the finished product look effortless and clean.

Where can we see examples of your ranges?

You can see our bench system and our other ranges at our head office showroom based in Bristol, simply contact us to make an appointment.


The TC Group have been a BCFA member for 10 years.

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