Framing Gorgeous – Q&A with Larson-Juhl

The contribution that framed art can make to an interior is sometimes underestimated by the design community. Design Insider talks to Larson-Juhl’s Sales & Marketing Director, Matt George, about some of the more creative uses of the sometimes modest moulding.

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Could you begin by introducing our readers to Larson-Juhl?

Larson-Juhl has spent the past 40 years continually innovating and developing a stunning range of crafted frames and mouldings to meet the requirements of designers, galleries, artists and framers. We have set the industry standard. Offering over 2,000 different mouldings in a variety of styles and finishes and the most comprehensive range of stunning frames, mountboards, glass and accessories in the market.

In an ideal world, how would you like framing to feature in an interior designer’s mindset?

Frames can bring so much to the party, it is hard to know where to start! Prominent, beautifully framed artwork can of course make a real statement – in a hotel reception, for example, but it can also do so much more. Latterly, we have seen some incredible uses of our products where the choice of a large, visible frame can really contribute to an overall scheme – whether that is simply an overt splash of colour and or texture, or maybe helping to tell a brand story from a visual perspective. We are even seeing large ornate frames being used as room dividers! One particular approach that I am loving is the use of multiple frames on a large wall space to create a gallery effect. In the project illustrated here, Elegant Clutter created a gallery wall/display by bringing together multiple images in a geometric formation.

What are your favourite framing applications?

I heard about a fantastic installation by Marcel Wanders for the Mondrian in Doha – where a whole wall was decorated by a collection of empty frames – which I love!

Then I really like framing that showcases the artwork, but also makes a creative statement itself. And I am really impressed by the level of innovation that we are now seeing. For example, Illuminapp is a genius new concept from Bailey Arts, opening up a whole new market with iconic illuminated artworks.

Illuminapp is the world’s first Smart enabled LED lighting solution for pictures. The lights are cleverly concealed within the frame, which lights the picture from behind and enables the user to alter the colour of LED light to match any mood or atmosphere. What’s more the colour can be changed at any time via an app or with your voice using an Amazon or Google home device. 

What trends are emerging in terms of framing?

For me, the main trend is that people are getting more and more creative and using our mouldings for more and more different applications. While classic black and white will always be popular, I have noticed people getting increasingly adventurous with materials. We have a range called Anvil, for example, which has a very industrial looking finish which is very much in demand. Our float frames are another popular choice and can work really well with large pieces of art.

To what extent is sustainability on your agenda?

Massively so! We have the biggest range of FSC and PEFC approved range of products on the market, with a choice of over 360 mouldings. We are finding that more and more consumers are asking for sustainable frames and want to know that the wood used was responsibly sourced. We have a video that can be viewed here that tells the story from forest to frame. We have over 130 FSC approved mountboard options too. Our most popular sustainable ranges include Andover and Driftwood. 

How do you feel about your mouldings being used to frame a piece of modern abstract artwork that might not get universal approval?!

To be honest, I am very much of the view that if art gets people talking, it is doing its job! It would be boring if everyone thought the same and given we have over 2,000 different mouldings being used across galleries, photographers, people’s homes, commercial property, hotels, bars and restaurants, cruise ships and public buildings, there are probably quite a few examples of art in Larson-Juhl frames that draw mixed responses from the viewer! 

How can interior designers find out more about the scope that framing offers?

Larson-Juhl welcomes all designers to visit our new showroom in Bedford, alternatively they can view our ranges online at or call our customer service team on 01234 872555. 

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