Furniture Fusion gets a new look…

Welcome to Furniture Fusion’s new look…

We love the new vibe here at DI HQ but we wanted to hear more about this re-brand from Furniture Fusion’s Managing Director, Sam Samuels…Sam Samuels webWhat’s the reason behind the rebrand?

After sixteen years of trading, we felt the time was right for a change. When we originally opened our doors to the industry back in 2001, our brand positioning was a contemporary one and we wanted our products to reflect that. Since then the world has changed so much and in so many ways, and we believe we need to reflect the change. What a better way to do this than a complete overhaul of the brand and our values as a business.

I suppose when you start up, you have an idea of the path you ideally want to take, but perhaps with hindsight, we found ourselves trying to be everything to everyone. Whilst I do not believe that is a necessarily bad thing, it felt as each year went on, we were reacting to projects more and more and we wanted to work with creatives with whom we could collaborate with. We work in a creative industry and I wanted to materialise some of that creativity through the way we present ourselves and hopefully the future projects we work on.

How does the re-brand reflect your personality and interests?

We were fortunate to work with a branding agency that was as excited as we were about the rebrand. The agency suggested a series of brand workshops where all our staff were invited to give their thoughts and opinions on a number of questions posed to us. This exercise proved really interesting and looking back I can see how the emotion of the company came to life. We all love so many creative mediums, such as art, design and music, it just seemed natural to bring those influences to life through the rebrand.

We had several website scoping sessions where our team was able to communicate their experiences of our website as well as the reaction we had from clients and prospective clients. Once all the sessions were over, the agency was able to present certain visuals that reflected our fusion bannerWhy have you gone for this particular look?

The look we have gone for defines our values so that all the decisions we make fit with our brand. From the way we answer the phone to the service we provide, each of our values are designed to evoke an emotion. In order to build successful relationships, we want people we deal with to connect with us on an emotional level.

We have a series of colour palettes along with freehand patterns that are evident in our branding. The patterns and colours represent our human connections and cultural interests. We want our products to be seen in the context of the wider world and the patterns add a unique element which represents what inspires us.

What’s your new key message?

We know furniture and understand our client’s requirements. Our experience, enthusiasm and collaboration on a project will achieve the best possible results. Our stylish selection of products across a wide variety of design themes, serviced by our expertise and passion is what sets us apart from the crowd.

We do what we say, on time and accurately. Our clients can depend on us because we have the passion to deliver a quality experience.

We do things our way…. We put a unique spin on things which makes us great to deal with and exciting to be around.

We are brave in our decisions and confident in our abilities.

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