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Agile working is no longer a pipe dream – it’s already here. According to BT, 80% of its staff now use agile practices, resulting in a 30% rise in productivity (source: IT PRO). The telecoms giant says it’s also decreased stress-related illness among its workforce by more than a third.

GoSmart’s Director Phil Tipson speaks to Design Insider about the present day workspace.

Essentially, agile working allows teams to collaborate on the same project, but with complete flexibility. By embracing technology that effectively creates a virtual workspace, team members can put in the hours when they want, wherever they want.

Agile has also prompted a rise in flexible workspaces. Gone are the days when all office workers would expect to spend eight hours a day or more poring over a desk in a cubicle, the sort that became ubiquitous from the 1960s onwards. Instead, home working is on the rise, and shared spaces such as WeWork and Workspace are booming.

With this healthier, more flexible approach comes the need for creative design. Imaginative use of space is high on the agenda of employers and facilities bosses alike. That means thinking carefully about everything from desk dimensions to storage space.

Softer benefits such as the amount of natural light illuminating an office, or the proportion of breakout and refreshment space, are important to the workforce. But there’s a growing need for hardware solutions, too.

As the modern professional moves away from desktop computers, they need to lug around laptops, chargers and all sorts of expensive kit. That means there’s a pressing security issue as people need peace of mind that often costly equipment can stay safe under lock and key if they step away from their desks.

Yet a secure locker allowing employees to store their personal belongings is no longer enough. In an agile work environment, the key issues of mobility, flexibility and security must be addressed to suit various situations: permanent, temporary, guest or even shared use.

State-of-the-art electronic locker systems are revolutionising storage as part of wider officer design. This technology-driven response to the requirements of UK businesses is increasing employee satisfaction and helping to maximise team productivity, while also optimising interior real estate. These solutions can also aid IT asset management, from reservation and allocation to replenishment and deposit for service.

Here are some of the features you should look for when considering installation of an electronic locker system:

  • Innovative: Ensure your electronic locking and storage devices are connected, to communicate with your existing technology and exchange information. This significantly improves workers’ convenience, comfort, productivity, efficiency and security.
  • Bespoke: Does your business have specific requirements of electronic storage to suit its work practices? Leading suppliers can offer a carefully selected range of products to provide the most relevant technical solution for your storage and security needs.
  • Future proofed: A wide range of metal and wooden storage unit design and manufacture is now available. Integrated technology solutions can offer a seamless user experience across an array of applications. This stretches beyond offices; it also suits other environments that require secure lockers, such as medical, education and leisure facilities.

Ultimately, electronic storage builds efficiency. It enables companies to optimise space utilisation, minimise overheads and enhance functional work practices. Don’t be afraid to ask for a pre-sale requirement audit, installation service, activation process, training and post-installation support to ensure the needs of every project are met in full.

Agile working and the modern office environment aren’t just transforming the way people work; they’re also factors that make people love their jobs. Adding cutting-edge, creative and connected solutions that make working lives even the slightest bit easier can boost productivity. Each item of your equipment can ensure what was once regarded as the office of tomorrow is a reality today for a keen and demanding UK workforce.

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