Grohe’s most award-winning year and ISH

2018 was the most award-winning year in GROHE’s history, a BCFA member. All of Grohe’s newest innovations were honoured with coveted awards – 19 in total, with the GROHE Sense the most awarded in the brand’s portfolio. Design Insider also explores the trends that GROHE found at this year’s ISH.

It is a great accomplishment that all of GROHE’s most recent innovations received prestigious accolades – from digital innovations, kitchen and bath taps collections to ceramics lines, shower systems and even architectural flushplates. We look at give of GROHE’s highlight products.

Design Insider Grohe Award Rauterku Seum Sense

Water security system GROHE Sense: 19 awards since launch including an International Design Excellence Award in Gold.

“With the water security system GROHE Sense, we opened up a completely new field of business for GROHE. The launch of our first IoT product marked the beginning of our vision for the digitisation of water.” – Michael Rauterkus, CEO GROHE AG.

Design Insider GROHE Sense

GROHE SmartControl Concealed shower system: 7 awards since launch including a Red Dot Design Award.

“Minimalist design meets dynamic showering. The simple and pure geometric forms are further enhanced with extreme attention to details like the intuitive and large icons of the EASYLogic controls, the colour coding or the precise knurling on the push buttons.” – Duarte Salvador, Creative Director Design GROHE AG.

Design Insider GROHE SmartControl Concealed

GROHE Blue Home Watersystem: 16 awards since launch including an ICONIC AWARD for Innovative Interior Best of the Best

“As we are living in a world that is slowly sinking in a sea of plastic, our water system is a behavior change innovation which allows to live a plastic-free life.” – Frank Spiekermann, Head of Category Management Kitchen GROHE AG.

Design Insider GROHE designers and Blue Home

Kitchen tap collection GROHE Essence Professional: 9 awards since launch including the iF Design Award in Gold

“In most kitchens, the tap is used up to 90 times per day. From the 360 degree turnable spring arm to the effortless EasyDock M magnetic system for the dual-spray metal head, every detail of GROHE Essence Professional has been designed with ease of use in mind.” – Gerhard Sturm, Chief Marketing Officer GROHE AG.

Design Insider GROHE Essence Professional Matt Black hose lifestyle

GROHE Lineare: 9 awards since launch including the German Design Award

“The GROHE Lineare stands for sensual minimalism. Lineare has been reduced to only the necessary elements to achieve the thinnest possible appearance.” – Mirko Götzen, Creative Director Design GROHE AG

Design Insider GROHE Lineare


From 11-15 March, ISH 2019 opened in Frankfurt am Main, Germany where more than 2,400 international exhibitors presented their latest bathroom and kitchen innovations.

Design Insider GROHE ISH

For the first time ever, GROHE positioned itself as a leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions, kitchen systems and intelligent water management. As part of a new concept for its trade fair booth, GROHE clearly put the consumer at the centre of the experience, using three themed environments to present its different solution and design concepts. 

“What you see is the future of design. For consumers, it’s the future of their own creativity and ultimate personalization. We believe that 3D metal-printing will revolutionize the water experience in the home. It’s the ultimate blend of customization and industrial production.” – Michael Rauterkus, CEO GROHE AG.

GROHE believes that 3D metal-printing will revolutionize the water experience in the home. A unique formula of granules has been exclusively developed by GROHE for their 3D metal-printers located at its Hemer manufacturing site in Germany. 

Design Insider grohe_ish_keynote_michael_seum

GROHE sees that the boundaries between the individual living areas are becoming more blurred. The kitchen is often part of the living room, the bathroom opens up to the bedroom and both are becoming important living spaces instead of purely functional ones. Consequently, bathroom and kitchen products have become household furnishings that allow consumers to express their individual style and preferences.

“Consumer expectations are changing to a great extent”, said Michael Rauterkus, as he delivered his keynote speech in front of 350 international journalists and invited guests. “GROHE is shaping the future of water, in terms of design and innovation, both analogue and digital, giving our customers and our consumers the building blocks they need to harness the power and the beauty of water – as a tailored experience wherever they enjoy water.”

Design Insider grohe_ish_keynote_group_picture_3d

The search for simplicity in terms of easy and intuitive solutions is met with a new minimalism to people’s homes.

“Nobody else offers, across the whole product range, the quality and durability in so many colors that bathrooms and kitchens require.” – Michael Rauterkus.

At ISH two years ago, GROHE launched its first Internet of Things (IoT) solution, GROHE Sense and GROHE Sense Guard. Today, GROHE is pioneering digitization in the sanitary industry and extends its competence well beyond sanitary hardware solutions. At the ISH 2019 keynote, GROHE announced a new generation of GROHE Sense water sensors and the launch of GROHE Sense Guard Pro, which is optimized for use in multi-family homes and high-rise residential buildings, offering water security and provides accurate water consumption data directly onto mobile devices via the GROHE Sense App.

“We are creating an intelligent platform, the biggest ecosystem for water security and water management, which will allow our industry partners worldwide, such as insurance companies, to implement new business models.” – Michael Rauterkus.

Design Insider grohe_ish_keynote_michael_rauterkus

Overall GROHE introduced a record number of innovations and more than 500 single new products that address the five mega trends ‘new living spaces’, ‘consumers become creators’, ‘simplicity seekers – the search for simplicity’, ‘taking control’, and ‘intelligent life management’. It is the biggest innovation push of GROHE so far – tailored to the needs of consumers as well as professional partners such as architects, installers, insurers and smart home experts.

“As GROHE stands for Water, Intelligence, and Enjoyment, we are creating intelligent water solutions that transform lives for the better. Most importantly, we are transforming the experience of water itself.” – Michael Rauterkus.

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