Hansgrohe welcomes Sustainability

All Hansgrohe products equipped with EcoSmart technology consume up to 60% less water than conventional products. This means you use less water and need less energy to heat the water – good news for the planet, and your wallet. 

How does it work? By cleverly adding air and helped by the use of a special flow limiter. The EcoSmart aerator is integrated into the shower head or spout of the tap, enriching the water with air. The result is a full, bubbling jet of water. The “precision elastomer” guarantees a consistently powerful water jet even when pressure fluctuates.

Design Insider Hansgrohe Sustainability

Thanks to this sophisticated technology, conserving water is easier than ever. In some Hansgrohe overhead and hand-held showers, water consumption is reduced to 91 /min, with green products consuming only 61 /min. For example, the hansgrohe Raindance EcoSmart consumes only 9 litres of water per minute, while the Crometa 85 Green overhead shower consumes only 6 litres.

Approximately 13 litres of water per minute run through a conventional basin mixer. However, the water consumption of all hansgrohe EcoSmart taps, is reduced to around 5 litres per minute. This clever energy and water saving technology reduces waste and energy consumption without compromising the product performance or limiting the experience of the user.

Design Insider Hansgrohe Raindance_Overhead Shower_Ambience

Climate protection starts with showering and ecological behaviour with hand washing. As a champion of the value of water, Hansgrohe assumes a pioneering role in dealing with this precious resource. For the full range of EcoSmart products and the Hansgrohe savings calculator, visit their website.

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