NEW: Hansgrohe’s Rainfinity- A New Dimension of Showering

Product: Rainfinity
Usage: Shower
Material: Aluminium, Graphite
Installation: Ceiling, Wall
Finish: Matt White, Chrome

Hansgrohe is making a statement in the bathroom with the launch of a revolutionary new shower range called Rainfinity. Combining superior engineering, innovative technology and contemporary finishes, Rainfinity represents a new benchmark in modern shower design.

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Design Insider hansgrohe Rainfinity circular head PRODUCT

Due to its large circular shower head and adaptable wall connection, Rainfinity offers the flexibility to envelope the entire body in water, or alternatively protect the head and face from spray by adjusting the shower head. The innovative wall connection allows the shower head to be tilted between ten and 30 degrees and eliminates the need for a traditional shower arm.

The shower experience is further enhanced by Rainfinity’s slightly concave spray surface and the diffused arrangement of the jet disc holes. This combination ensures that the spray isn’t limited to the head and shoulders, but softly covers the body with water. The unique shower head design is available in both an elegant matte white and classic chrome finish with graphite spray discs.

Design Insider hansgrohe Rainfinity functions

Rainfinity’s shower head has three spray modes, designed to transform the daily shower routine into an extraordinary experience. The PowderRain spray mode provides maximum relaxation with its microfine spray mode. Thousands of micro drops wrap the body in a blanket of water for a velvety soft sensation.

Located in the centre of the jet disc, the Intense PowderRain mode then uses a concentrated jet to make light work of rinsing out shampoo. The invigorating RainStream pampers you throughout the shower due to its consistently high spray intensity, perfect for massaging the shoulders and back.

Design Insider hansgrohe Rainfinity shelf

When using Rainfinity’s hand shower, RainStream is replaced by the MonoRail spray, which provides a soothing regenerative effect on the arms and legs through targeted, powerful jets. The Rainfinity range includes a range of options including wall or ceiling installation, and head or hand shower with just one or three different spray modes.

The hand shower is available in either the traditional or geometric rod shape. The range also features a Showerpipe a shower system consisting of a head and hand shower and shower bar with practical shelving and concealed control. The shoulder shower with integrated shelf provides space for toiletries.

Design Insider hansgrohe Rainfinity head

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