Have Your Say … Is innovation in manufacturing processes important?

This month Design Insider will be asking ‘Is innovation in manufacturing processes important?’

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Have your say question Sept 18

Matthew Stanley, International Procurement Manager, Bisley

‘Without innovation in manufacturing, we wouldn’t be driving cars or using smartphones. Innovation in manufacturing often involves small, incremental gains that may be less visible than innovations in other functions. Finding these incremental improvements, internally and with supply partners, is a crucial part of our business.’

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Jonathan Burrage, Managing Director, Larson-Juhl UK

‘In the framing business, innovation is critical. Designers are more and more frequently looking for mouldings that complement specific trends – we need to meet that demand and opportunity to ensure frames are part of the creative agenda. This includes materials, and their sustainability credentials, as well as aesthetics.’

Peter Gomez, Head of Anthology Studio

‘With our reputation of ‘new thinking for walls’, it is extremely important to be innovative and to continuously bring new design solutions to our customers. Anthology’s new 05 range is a ground-breaking range of papers, inspired by pleats, folding, form and structure.’

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Chris Fowler, Director of Design / Global Projects – Bisley

‘Innovation is vital within the manufacturing process. By continuously innovating and analysing the way we manufacture our products we are able to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, non value added activity thereby keeping our costs in check. Retaining our competitive pricing is vital to our business and in turn to our customers.’

Cat Mayo, Business Development Manager – Decca

‘Innovation in manufacturing processes is essential for a business to grow to keep up with or stay ahead of the competition. Whether it is to improve your current manufacturing process to make them more streamlined and cost-effective or trying new manufacturing process on new materials you have discovered.’

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Sam Samuels, MD – Furniture Fusion

‘Innovation is imperative for the manufacturing to move forward. It’s not just about using better machinery, but thinking outside the box, working with sustainable materials in a way that makes us think – this is the future. We are constantly seeking such manufacturers and implement new, innovative products into our projects.’

What innovation have you benefited from in your manufacturing facility?  How important is your investment into manufacturing innovation? Please let us know in the comments section below of on twitter @DesignInsider1


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