Have Your Say…Is it important to use innovation to support heritage brands in 2018?

This month Design Insider will be asking ‘Is it important to use innovation to support heritage brands in 2018?’

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Lucy Robinson, F&B Associate, Goddard Littlefair

‘In our specialist hospitality sector, heritage brands come in the guise of well-known restaurants and hotels who’ve spent many years building their image. We support that by incorporating future-facing sustainability and a contemporised materiality, rather than rushing into detrimental, over-radical change. You have to strike a fine balance.’

Have your say heritage Oct 18 Hypnos

Clare Taylor, Marketing Manager, Hypnos Contract Beds

‘It’s vital that heritage brands combine traditional skills with constant innovation to ensure they stay relevant and succeed in an ever-changing market place. Brands need to emphasise and build on what makes them loved and trusted, whilst understanding how to evolve and be relevant to the modern consumer.

With over 100 years’ experience in crafting bespoke, made-to-measure mattresses and beds for the finest homes, hotels and serviced apartments around the world, at Hypnos we know that our heritage is a defining factor in shaping our personality. This encourages us to maintain a brand which is synonymous with quality, luxury and award-winning sustainability, however, it doesn’t mean we just rest on our laurels.

By combining informed research, cutting edge technology and extensive development and testing with traditional skills, we continue to produce versatile and practical stylish sleep solutions for hoteliers, moving into 2019 and beyond.’

Lindie Kramers, Brand Director, Phoenix Wharf

‘Brands need to reinvent themselves constantly to remain at the forefront of customers’ minds. De Beers, for example, once near-monopolists in global diamond production, have now launched lab-grown diamonds for the next generation, embodying ethical behaviour and offering superb quality and desirable pieces with excellent perceived value for money.’

Have your say heritage Oct 18 Style Library

Carolyn Mitchell, Group Contracts Sales Director, Style Library Contract

‘As custodians of heritage brands Morris & Co. and Sanderson, we value the importance of preserving craftsmanship and traditional techniques alongside using innovation to adapt to client’s needs today.

Digital printing practices showcase the intricacy of the Pure Morris collection’s hand-painted designs, while our Sanderson Paint formula uses quality pigments and minimal VOCs (volatile organic compounds, which contribute to atmospheric pollution).’

John Atkin, Managing Director, Bisley

‘Innovation is key to ensure the success of heritage brands. For over eighty years, Bisley has been Europe’s leading manufacturer of stylish storage solutions. Our commitment to continual product development and investment into the latest manufacturing technology has ensured Bisley is still at the forefront of great design in the workplace.’

How have your worked with heritage brands recently?  How do you feel that heritage brands should remain current?  Where is the innovation in heritage design? Please let us know in the comments section below of on twitter @DesignInsider1


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