HenRay Awarded Design Guild Mark

Ocee Design’s Henry Gurney has been awarded the Design Guild Mark for his HenRay range.  The Design Guild Mark is awarded for excellence in design, materials, manufacture and function and recognises the highest standards in the design of furniture.

Henray Landscape

The HenRay range has grown and developed from the original 15 piece range that Henry first imagined to  the now extensive and flexible 28 components that make up the collection that Henry and Ocee’s Development Manager Ray Hills have worked so hard to develop.

HenRay has proven popular amongst specifies, architects and interior designers. Its flexibility and well proportioned design allows it to expand into a variety of environments. The combination of high back sofas and curved units, with their acoustic properties, create secluded and private working areas for both individual and collective working.  Many universities have found that HenRay has given them the flexibility and durability they need to furnish large social areas.

Henry Gurney

Henry’s design ethos is to create products that will stand the test of time through solid build quality and uncomplicated design. Working in all areas of Ocee Design, Henry has first hand experience of customers’ needs and the importance of practical design. The success of his first product HenRay, particularly in the demanding social areas of universities, is tribute to Henry’s understanding of his marketplace.


Classical proportions are always a focus in Henry’s designs and how this creates a unique and practical environment for both independent and collective interactions to take place.  A more holistic approach to design and an understanding of user interaction with the product is essential.  Henry’s products are designed to encourage people to rethink how they interact with their environment and each other.  He aims to create workplace solutions that provide new ways of working, socialising and interacting.

Henrey Gurney

Henry’s new range Skyline has been designed and developed to provide an intelligent planning solution for all environments and was launched earlier this year.


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