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The rise of the freelance economy, tech start-ups, mobile technology and the trend for co-working has undoubtedly penetrated the culture, design and expectation of where, when and how people work. This brings new pressures and choice for both workers trying to balance work and personal life, and for organisations as they try to meet the expectations of being an attractive place to work.


Advances in personal computing, communications devices, storage clouds and the near paperless nature of work is enabling more people than ever to work remotely. Cafés resemble living rooms, restaurants feel like home kitchens, and modern work spaces are full of home comforts.

In a bid to increase or maintain employee happiness, attract new talent, and make working in the office more attractive, forward-thinking companies create spaces that people want to be in, using functional modern office furniture can represent the values of a flexible workplace that balances a work-life ratio. The new style is a more nuanced, inclusive and thoughtful place than the open-plan office, which can often create problems with concentration and productivity.


Of course, the main criteria for workplace furniture is for it to function well, but a great design enables an employee to develop a more personal connection; furniture that is tactile and comforting, with a nod towards a domestic environment.

BOB by Bisley bridges the gap between home and office design. Developed in collaboration with award winning British designer Paul Kelley, BOB is a beautifully crafted modular storage and display system. The infinite configurations of BOB can be adapted for any use and environment, whether at home or in the workplace.


The collaboration unifies Kelley’s design innovations with the expert craftsmanship and manufacturing expertise of Bisley. The beauty is in the simplicity and playfulness of the design; cubes and units click together to form different arrangements, allowing the user to change the design of the system instantly, whenever they choose.

Paul Kelley explains:
The idea behind BOB was to create a piece of furniture which transcends trends, a product that is functional, easy to adapt and timeless. The design of BOB means the core of the system remains the same, but allows the user to change shapes and function when and where needed. People can organise their environment exactly how they see fit and with a simple twist, have complete flexibility to redesign their space, be it tomorrow or ten years down the line.”


Traditionally renowned for its steel storage solutions, BOB is the first all-wood product from Bisley and is meticulously crafted using high quality plywood. The hand finished modules incorporate a clever system that uses technology friendly magnets to securely lock the modules together; with a simple twist, the BOB units can be unlocked to be reconfigured.

Helen Owen, Marketing Director, at Bisley commented:
“Modern day storage should be smart and simple. In the office or at home, as a room divider or up against a wall, BOB can be used easily and effortlessly – everywhere”.

The creation of BOB came from Kelley’s desire to create a piece of furniture at an accessible price point, while still retaining the language and quality of his bespoke pieces.

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