Introducing the NEW soft seating range from Lee & Plumpton

Lee and Plumpton; manufacturer of office desks, seating and storage, is delighted to be launching a brand new Soft Seating range, in November 2016. The range includes a selection of individual designs, modern leg options and contemporary and elegant styles.

2seaterBooth (800x733)

The Azur range models a designer sled leg, and Cavill and Mount model an attractive polished metal corner leg. All built to the highest quality, the new range includes media booths, seating booths, sofas, armchairs, stools and more. Different combinations of furniture available allow lots of choice for flexible working configurations.

2seaterSofaWithArms (800x563)

The Soft Seating is available in a host of colours from subtle and understated to bold and vibrant. The products can really liven up an office by adding a splash of colour.

The future of the office appears to be moving towards more flexible and collaborative working, so Soft Seating is perfect for this, whether to be used in workspaces, breakout areas or reception areas.

Amity_TVbooth (800x450)

This is a new market for Lee and Plumpton and the company is very excited to be introducing a new product range to their existing portfolio.

Paul Guze, Sales and Marketing Director says;

‘Our customers have requested we branch out into Soft Seating and we’re thrilled to be able to accommodate that now.’

2seaterSofaWithArms_Leather (800x552)



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