The KAI 2017 Fabric Portfolio highlights the trends for the year ahead with a stunning selection of innovative fabrics designed by their talented team of designers within their state of the arts in-house studio.

Trends for 2017:

Metallic highlights, mottled effects, inspiration from bark surfaces, refined raw, mineral textures, fabrics inspired by lunar rock surfaces and crackled textures all feature prominently, whilst traditional techniques are modernised.trendsInnovative fabrics: 

Galena from the Earth Form Collection: this design features a digitally printed velvet.Galena Stool RESIZE

Cirrus from the Earth Form Collection features a digitally printed sheer with a metallic printed texture.cirrus resizeMarva from the Mica Collection presents a metallic jacquard upholstery with a stunning reflective shine.mica resize


A stunning range of rich velvets comprising of two sophisticated designs. With a beautiful metallic sheen and a rich pile, Mica velvets are the perfect addition to create a luxurious setting in any interior. Available in 14 striking shades, this versatile velvet is suitable for both drape and upholstery.

Earth Form

From delicate embroidered fern leaves to rock formation textures,this range includes eight individual designs that take inspiration from nature and translates it beautifully.  Innovative techniques and textures have been used throughout this collection, with hints of metallic tones to add a glamorous twist. The colours range from silver and danube, pearl and moonstone, amethyst and putty through to onyx and citrine.

Tamu – Jan 2017 Collection

Molten marble, distressed textures, brnished damask, metallic striped sheer, luscious Letino.newroducts




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