Larson-Juhl’s Angus Leather Frames

Larson-Juhl Angus Moulding: Raw materials from Tuscany that have been sourced to make the Italian-inspired Angus moulding range by BCFA member Larson-Juhl UK. Suiting this month’s leather theme, the faux leather look and feel give a stunning appearance.

The industrial look, colour and profile of the leather effect match today’s furniture. Combined with the Anvil industrial look range it fits today’s modern styles. Leather holds great importance in interior schemes – you can find the Angus and Anvil ranges used throughout the St Regis Hotel in Dubai.

Design Insider Arqadia Leather Angus

Available in Dutch black, with subtle burgundy highlights, antique brown, giving an aged feel, and Cognac with its hand finished and tanned look. These exciting profiles offer an array of possibilities for artefacts, fine art canvases and photography. The materials have been stained and embossed to enhance their appearance and all three finishes reflect the light to show off a beautiful wax finish.

Leather shrinks over a period of time whereas faux leather stays stable. The material used is specifically designed not to shrink when cut. You can choose from three profiles measuring 32, 47 or 68mm. The colours can be either Dutch Black, Antique Brown or Cognac. For more information click here.

Design Insider Arqadia Leather Frames

The company continuously strives to set new industry standards and an active product development programme ensures that it continues to be at the forefront of innovation. If you would like to know more about Larson-Juhl, you can see their recent releases on Design Insider such as the Orofino collection.

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