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Arqadia’s Angus Leather Frames

Larson-Juhl Angus Moulding: Raw materials from Tuscany that have been sourced to make the Italian-inspired Angus moulding range by BCFA member Arqadia. Suiting this month’s leather theme, the faux leather look and feel give a stunning appearance. The industrial look, colour and profile of the leather effect match today’s furniture. Combined with the Anvil industrial look… Read More >

3 December 2018

A conversation with Bill Amberg

This month we focus leather and there are few here in the UK who know more about the material than Bill Amberg. Having set-up Bill Amberg Studio some thirty years ago the brand is now recognised as an industry leader in bespoke leather products, furniture and interiors. Perhaps that shouldn’t come as too much of… Read More >

2 December 2018

Leather Under Wraps

Once again, this month we are focusing on a material that has a long lineage and an everlasting presence in the canons of human history; leather. Whilst it may now be seen as relatively primitive and to some, even barbaric, the decision of the first Homo Sapiens to try and utilise the hide of animals,… Read More >

26 November 2018

CrestJMT – Burger & Lobster

CrestJMT Leather has collaborated with Design LSM to upholster the latest Burger & Lobster restaurant, located within Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge. In any prestigious restaurant, atmosphere is largely defined by visual impact, and CrestJMT’s Shelly Poppy leather is instrumental in establishing an inviting and stylish ambience. The seating throughout the venue was clad in Shelly Poppy: produced on Quality… Read More >

10 September 2014

A Guide To Specifying Leather

Leather. So many uses: book binding; cowboys; bikers; rock stars and a little fetishism. But for today’s purpose we’re talking about furniture. Initially seen as an expensive furniture covering CrestJMT Leather has seen demand for this fabric turn full cycle over the last 20 or so years of trading. Traditionally leather furniture was a luxury… Read More >

9 December 2013