Larson-Juhl’s Beautiful Driftwood Range

Larson-Juhl UK is Britain’s leading supplier of picture frames and mouldings, offering the most comprehensive range of framing products in the market. With an unparalleled choice of over 2,000 beautiful mouldings, more than 100 readymade frames, over 200 mountboard colours, plus a vast selection of accessories, glazing products, conservation framing and storage items.

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Larson-Juhl UK mouldings range from the simple to elaborate, classic to contemporary, wood, metal, natural materials, modern finishes, with a rainbow of colours. New products are launched every couple of months and we are always looking to pick up on current trends as well as lead the way when it comes to innovation in framing.

Larson-Juhl are very excited to introduce a fantastic development of their new, gorgeous Driftwood range. Inspiration for this adaption came from the volcanic Canary Islands which is why the moulding comes in two highly versatile colour options; white to reflect the beautiful white sand beaches and the black to represent the striking volcanic stone.

Seven sizes have been added to this FSC accredited, flat profile; 17mm, 19mm, 22mm, 28mm, 30mm, 40mm and 70mm. The collection has been finished with water-based gesso, stripped manually to create an effortlessly chic texture. A foil on top has also been included which produces slight brown flexes enabling this monochrome range to transform any piece of art into a statement.

Just like the majority of Larson-Juhl’s range, this piece is available on chop, reducing waste for your business and adding an additional level of quality control. 

Contact Larson-Juhl through the BCFA Product Finder.


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