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Mizzi Studio’s Curvaceous clad Kiosks

The Royal Parks announce an exciting collaboration with Colicci to launch a collection of healthy food kiosks across London parks. Tom Raffield, who has become known for the transformation of wood using a unique method of steam bending, has been commissioned to realise Mizzi Studio’s design for curvaceous oak cladding for a number of the kiosks. Serving… Read More >

6 December 2018

Wood with Bisley

BCFA member Bisley known world wide for their metal storage, have taken the opportunity to tell us more about their timber collections. As Europe’s leading manufacturer of steel storage, Bisley know how to get the best out of this great material, but less well known is their design capabilities with wood and that they even have… Read More >

19 September 2018

Considering our material roots

When considering the longevity and influence of all the materials that we know and use on the planet, it’s easy to conclude that, being the oldest, stone must carry the most significance to us a species. After all, all of the natural stone we know was formed over millennia, as the earth itself took shape…. Read More >

13 September 2018

Working with Wood by Tim Gosling

Timber is our material focus during September. We spoke with British furniture designer Tim Gosling about his innovative use of timber alongside exciting inorganic materials. It was Tim’s material selection that caught the eye of of the Furniture Makers Company earning him a Bespoke Guild Mark for the Gosling carbon fibre lounge tub chair and a finalist in the… Read More >

5 September 2018

The story of wooden mouldings with Larson-Juhl

During September Design Insider will focus on wood and processes, what better opportunity could we find to speak with Larson-Juhl and discover more about how they process their timber mouldings! The process starts with the sawing of 60 year-old matured pine trees, with the wood then stored, climatised and taken through the kiln drying process. The… Read More >

5 September 2018

Product Watch: Chad Lighting – Panino

Panino, a simple wall light with a choice of shade colours lends itself to many contexts. These include placing a pair either side of a bed or as hallway lighting. Panino can be specified either in walnut or oak. The vertical strip of metal can come in a variety of finishes: chrome, satin nickel or… Read More >

4 April 2016