Lelievre’s Camargue, inspired by marshlands

The Camargue design is inspired by the colour of salt and the hue of the marshland. When conceptualising the Camargue design, Lelievre were inspired not by a specific marshland but rather by the colours and the shadows that one can find there. The way that the light and shadow interact in this landscape is reflected in the colours chosen for the fabric.

With the knowledge of the history behind the BCFA member’s Tassinari and Chatel, Design Insider would love to know more about the process and design of their fabrics.

Design Insider Camargue White and Gold

The precious nature of the marshland treasures is reflected in the use of gold in the fabric, which creates a constellation of lights on the surface of an airy curtain. The softness of the wool also speaks to the natural world and to the enveloping mists that lovingly surround us. The subtle juxtaposition of the gold silk and the wool is the perfect combination of luxury and tradition.

The Camargue design is based in neutral tones to inspire quiet and peacefulness. The gold weaved into the materials combined with all three of the colours only serve to further highlight, making the natural tones in the background stand out thanks to the colour context.

Design Insider Camargue Black and Gold

“When beginning to create this design, we wanted to focus on a neutral colour palette that reflects parts of the natural world that often go overlooked. The gold in this design not only fits perfectly with the colour scheme but also serves to subtly draw attention to the beautiful gifts given to us by nature.”

With this product, Lelievre wanted to capture the beauty of both the salt of the marshland as well as its calming colour. Treasures come in many shapes and sizes, and those given to us by the natural world are not to be overlooked.

The calming colour of the marshland, as well as the colour of mist and the night sky all exist as graceful and beautiful reference points provided to us through natural landscapes. We wanted to encapsulate the elegance of the natural world in our design.

Design Insider Camargue Grey and Gold

“Using gold allowed us to incorporate another wonder of the natural world into our design – the stars. Using this precious material allowed us to pay subtle homage to the sky as well as the earth that features in our colour palette.”

The idea of tradition is very important to Lelievre as a brand. In Camargue they root their luxurious designs in the traditions of the past by using what some may consider a more historical colours and materials and blending them with the opulence of gold silk. While these two materials may seem to juxtapose one another, both silk and wool come from the natural world and blend together as a beautiful reflection of the landscapes we live in.

Design Insider Lelievre Logo

Did you know Lelievre attended the London Design Festival? You can read our trend report here. Inspired by their fabrics or story behind them? You can always contact them to find out more.

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