Motorised Roman Blinds by Evans Textiles

Some of you may have known that it was National Child Safety week last week and just in time for this, Evans Textiles have launched a new motorised Roman blind that is completely child safe!

This new range of innovative blinds offer numerous benefits and promote child safety. The new motorised Roman blinds have been specifically engineered to be simple-to-use, safe and efficient so that they can be installed around the home, workplace or in any public space.BSXL Motorised Track webWith both lithium battery and mains operation, the new range can be controlled by a wall switch, a timer or a remote control. These options are so much safer than the traditional; chain operation which is often in reach to young children.

According to the Discussion Paper UK Health Blind Cord/Chain Safety Working Group, it can take as little as 15 seconds for a toddler to lose consciousness if they get tangled in a blind cord.

“Preventing deaths and serious injury from accidents lies at the heart of our Nuance child safe blind range. Our motorised blinds have been created exclusively for Evans and are ‘safe by design’, with cordless operating features and our innovative child safe cord mechanisms for the rear of the Roman blinds –  ensuring the protection of children from unnecessary harm.”

– Paul Callan, MD of Evans TextilesBSXL Motorised Track web 2

Callan went on to say that in bringing these stylish blinds to the market, Evans Textiles hopes to make a real difference in protecting children whilst still creating beautiful window dressings.

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