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Part 2: Take a closer look at Silent Gliss

With cutting edge technology and a relentless commitment to precision, Silent Gliss develop and manufacture the world’s quietest, smoothest-gliding curtains and blinds. Driven by their customers’ needs, Silent Gliss provides bespoke curtain and blind systems complemented by expert technical advice, installation and support services. Silent Gliss stands for innovative solutions, exceptional design and outstanding quality…. Read More >

8 February 2021

Silent Gliss and the Silent Revolution!

Silence just got even quieter with the new Silent Track range. Silent Gliss‘ new Silent Track range combines specially designed curtain tracks with a unique, two-component (2C) gliders resulting in unprecedented quietness. These new tracks deliver on both sight and sound, setting the new standard for curtain track specifications. [Contact Silent Gliss through the BCFA Product… Read More >

1 July 2019

Q&A with Paul Williams at Evans Textiles

Evans Textiles, a member of BCFA, recently spoke with us in regards to their new cellular blinds in the Nuance collection. We were interested in how the blinds were child safe, as well as the other features it boasted. We were kindly allowed a short Q&A with Paul Williams, Track & Blind Systems Divisional Director at… Read More >

4 September 2018

One Football, Berlin, Germany – Silent Gliss

TKEZ architecture & design, Munich HKR Raumausstattung GmbH, Stahnsdorf The One Football headquarters in Berlin is among the “10 coolest office spaces” and the 6 top start-ups in Berlin. Founded 2008, the company employs a team of 90 programmers and designers delivering applications and services to a global football community. TKEZ architecture & design from Munich was contracted… Read More >

23 May 2016