Newmor Design & Colour Trends, 2021

Newmor‘s design and colour trends round-up for 2021. This year, Newmor are pleased to share snippets from their design and colour trend observations for 2021. Their in-house design team use these trends throughout the year to develop textures, patterns and colour palettes for their standard and digitally printed wide-width fabric-backed vinyl wallcoverings. We hope you’ll find them useful and inspiring. If you would rather view the trends in flipbook format, click here.
Artisan is all about craftsmanship, sustainable design and the beauty of organic materials. A desire to move towards more human connection, tactile surfaces are key. International travel also inspires this trend, unable to head off on far-flung adventures, global inspiration in patterns and surfaces are even more important.

Matte, raw surfaces like wood, leather, linen, plaster and clay in grounding and earthy tones like cinnamon, putty, burnt sienna, rust, bitter chocolate are pivotal.

Reform is inspired by nature with a move towards futuristic forms and ethereal materials. Patterns are stylised from the natural shapes of cacti, tree rings and woodgrain.

Folds, pleats and weaves are also also feature heavily in this trend, creating a deep 3-dimensional effect. Smooth chalky surfaces like sea glass are also important. Key colours include mauve, seafoam, blush, sage, nude, rose-quartz, teal, mica and iridescent finishes.

Brute is all about a new form of masculinity. Brutalist design, craftmanship and traditional skills using leather and metalwork are key to this trend.

Rough, worn surfaces and burnished metal finishes combined with thoughtful design create a warm but strong base for this trend. Weaves, tweeds and traditional fabric-making techniques also feature. The dark masculine pallet is dominated by burnished metals, bitter chocolate, russet, slate, charcoal and mustard. The Pantone colours of the year, ultimate grey and illuminating, are given a new twist with the brown hues that sit beside them.

Cleanse is all about clean colours and simple serenity. Wellness and spirituality, including the practices of meditation and yoga, have increased in popularity.

Cleanliness but not sterility is important, so warmth, texture, and a cosy, homely feel are at the forefront of this trend. Curved furniture and textured fabrics add a feeling of luxury and peace. Key colours include sage, dove grey, rose-quartz, mauve and sky blue, with mica, champagne gold and iridescent accents.

Green Earth – we’ve been talking about biophilic design for a while now, but since the beginning of the pandemic, the outdoors has become a very important part of life and central to our wellbeing.

The colour green is of particular importance, as science has shown that looking at green can decrease heart rates and alleviate stress. Growing your own vegetables and living a simpler existence is both good for the soul and good for the environment, with natural dyes also having a resurgence in popularity. Key colours for this trend are matte moss, ochre, sage, amber, brown tones and sky blue.

Spectrum is all about innovation and optimism. Rainbows have been a key symbol in the UK for hope, and the joyous colour pallet that it evokes can’t help but make you smile.

In interiors, the bright colour palette is paired with innovative materials with a focus on sustainability. Our digitally printed ranges lend themselves perfectly to this trend, we can re-colour any of our Newmor Custom or Designer ranges and print onto any of our base materials.

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