Orangebox Unboxed

A laboratory space, free of the constraints of a normal commercial project, Unboxed by Orangebox is an opportunity for the invited designers to explore possibilities above and beyond the everyday.

Each project will be a fresh start, with practises bringing life to their own boundaries of Orangebox’s products and creating an experimental mix of products, function and finishes. With its agenda of challenging preconceptions and looking at Orangebox’s products with fresh eyes, Unboxed will have a more intense and experimental atmosphere than the other Smartworking floors.

Design Insider Orangebox Meeting Table

Orangebox’s project looks into the workplace of the near future, curating an environment where experience is key and physical space comes second, with micro settings purposed to suit the user needs. Health is wealth, they say, and focusing on employee wellbeing means working environments need to adapt to suit both our bodies and our minds better. People are all different, so, what if we were to create a space that was personalised and adaptable?

The concept of Dreams Unboxed imagines a space of your dreams, one that makes you feel happy and energised, that leads you to achieve your life goals, and that features micro environments capable of changing your perceptions and improving your productivity, focus and wellbeing.

Design Insider Orangebox Seating

This concept led Orangebox to create ‘The Experience Hubs’, in which technology supports a tactile environment, making a human-centred and highly adaptable space featuring four characters and subsequent environments:


Design Insider Orangebox Rejuvenate

REJUVENATE: A retreat for your important daily tasks that, with the technology provided, allow you to make the space your own and help you to be as efficient as your team need you to be. Adjustable light temperature may help you rejuvenate and the Alexa is your assistant: booking appointments or playing your favourite music. You’re at home.

Design Insider Orangebox Immersion

IMMERSION: The pod gives us a taste of the future of meeting spaces where a conceptual VR environment can surround the viewers with the reality of their choice, from wherever they are in the world.

Design Insider Orangebox Interaction

INTERACTION: This is your team meeting: a place for collaboration, training, even a cinema and games zone. Visual division can be used to make the space bigger for a wider audience, or shrink down for more private tasks. Let’s work together.

Design Insider Orangebox Tranquility

TRANQUILLITY: When overlooked and overstimulated your future working environment will be a space to achieve inner calm. A place to gather your thoughts and unwind, allowing yourself some dedicated, uninterrupted. For your peace of mind.

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