Pantone`s Classic Blue with PT

Design Insider brings you expert advice from Prestigious Textiles’ Head of Design Marie Parry.

When it comes to creating a commercial interior, colour is the best way to add personality through soft furnishings, feature walls and accessories.

Each year, Pantone announce the shade they predict to be The Colour of the Year. Previous years have seen Living Coral, Ultra Violet and Greenery as the annual must-have shades, but this year the colour experts have selected Classic Blue as their on-trend colour.

Get colour confident and discover how to incorporate the on-trend shade into your contract project, featuring expert advice from PT`s Head of Design, Marie Parry.

Incorporate Classic Blue into your colour scheme with our inherently FR District collection.
Shades of blue are universally known for creating a calming colour palette. Marie explains how tones of the on-trend shade can help create a tranquil living space.

‘With today’s society being so busy and hectic it’s a big trend to make living spaces a sanctuary of calm away from the chaos of the outside world. This trend is enhanced by calming tranquil colours such as Pantone Classic Blue, a serene and relaxing colour.  This colour trend brings the outdoors inside and combines perfectly with foliage and plants further embracing the peaceful, laid back style.’  Marie Parry

Classic Blue reflects this shift towards tranquil, yet modern interiors with the colour being associated with peace, calm and comfort. These elements are essential when creating relaxing city apartments, hotel rooms and reception seating areas; all spaces where fabrics from our District collection would make the perfect addition.

Feature walls are also a great way to make a statement with the on-trend shade. Fabrics in neutral shades pair perfectly with the bold blue, and drapery in PT Contract`s sophisticated, linen-look Grosvenor offers a textured wide-width, dimout quality, adding an instant appeal to any commercial space.

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