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Last week Dezeen launched Face to Face, a series of podcasts featuring leading architects and designers.  The well know publisher is the latest to join this growing trend, one which Design Insider will explore in our new series.  We’re excited to share with you some of the great podcasts available today and would love to hear what you are currently listening to.

We begin our series with a brand new design podcast which is all about shedding new light onto the thought process behind crafting a brand. This new podcast involves creative heavyweights who share their unique approached to instilling meaning, purpose and identity in a brand. The Podcast is split into six talks: Character, AllofUs, Gretel, Design Studio, Ro And Co and Collins. Use the links below to access the podcast.

Private Views Podcast – Apple
Private Views Podcast – Sound Cloud

Produced by Ask Us For Ideas, the podcast brings together leading creatives from AllofUs, Character, DesignStudio and Gretel in a series exploring the process behind powerful branding. Each reveal how they place people, company culture and values at the heart of a brand to give it authenticity and a far-reaching appeal.
London-based AllofUs, who have worked with Sky, Ikea and Microsoft, explains how an understanding of human behaviour is a prerequisite in using technology to push the boundaries of design.  Ricardo Amorim, former AllofUs Design Partner, said:

“I think it’s always starting with human behaviour, a deep understanding of human behaviour. Once you actually find the true need, you can design around it.”

Creative studio Character, who have worked with Oculus, detailed how branding often lacks identity so they lean towards projects where they can add flexible meanings to a concept.

DesignStudio, who have worked with Airbnb, the Premier League and Deliveroo begin the creative process by fully immersing themselves in a client’s culture, gaining understanding through first-hand experiences and participation. This allows them to grasp their values, giving authenticity to their brand. Paul Stafford, Co-Founder and CEO said:

“Every single time we do immersion we come out completely surprised by what the actual answer is and what actually needs doing as part of the process.”

Meanwhile Greg Hahn, Owner and Founder of Gretel, who have worked with The New York Times and Netflix, explored how disconnecting from your ego allows you to truly listen to a client. He said:

“Ego represents rigidity in my mind. Especially when you come to talking to a client, you’re hearing through your own structure, thinking about your process first and what they’re saying second. Really you need to disconnect from that.”

Private View(s) is the brainchild of Ask Us For Ideas (AUFI), a client-creative matchmaking agency, in collaboration with producer David Michon.

AUFI Co-Founder Nick Bell said:

“The agencies we work with are the most creative in the world, and we’re thrilled to be able to shine a light on a handful of them in this second series of Private View(s).”

“It felt mad not to expose the wider industry to the conversations we’ve been so lucky to hear every day. This is about studio process and culture more than anything, and the insights are invaluable to both clients and agencies alike.”

Episodes are available now on iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud.

We want to involve our readers as much as possible in this series. Let us know of any podcasts or books which are design-led or any recommendations you might have. Email jess@thebcfa.com.


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