Product Watch: Honeycomb by Camira

Honeycomb, by Camira, combines geometric design with environmental credentials

Honeycomb, the latest high performance fabric from global textile innovator Camira, introduces a bold geometric design with an environmental twist.


Designers Hayley Barrett and Jodie Padgett were inspired by the natural beauty of architectural structures found in nature and copied by man. In particular they studied the intricate hexagonal shapes of honeycomb found within bee hives. These hexagonal shapes have long been imitated for their strength and uniformity – natural engineering at its best.


Honeycomb is a colour woven polyester fabric made from 100% post-industrial recycled polyester. The fabric is available in 16 colour mixes that are made using non-metallic dyestuffs. The stronger shades of the pattern outline are softened with a stria of coloured threads. The multi-coloured appearance has the benefit of adding design interest whilst also disguising any surface stains that may occur.


Honeycomb is ideal for high performance task and soft seating upholstery, meeting severe contract abrasion and cigarette and match flammability. It can also be combined with stain repellent, antibacterial, waterproof and higher level flame retardant coatings for applications such as healthcare and other heavy footfall areas.

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