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Milliken jump on board for Healthier Seas

According to a joint report by the FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation) and UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), an estimated 640,000 tonnes of fishing nets are left in our oceans each year, accounting for one-tenth of all marine litter. Ghost Fishing UK is an established, underwater conservation team, which is comprised entirely of… Read More >

15 August 2017

Product Watch: Honeycomb by Camira

Honeycomb, by Camira, combines geometric design with environmental credentials Honeycomb, the latest high performance fabric from global textile innovator Camira, introduces a bold geometric design with an environmental twist. Designers Hayley Barrett and Jodie Padgett were inspired by the natural beauty of architectural structures found in nature and copied by man. In particular they studied… Read More >

29 February 2016