Q&A MagScapes Co-Founder, Jeremy Lee on their work in the Healthcare Sector

With over 10 years of innovation coming from the heart of Clerkenwell, MagScapes are leading the way in ‘Magnetic Wallcoverings’. How is this linked to healthcare I hear you ask…

Jeremy Lee

We met with Co-Founder and MD of MagScapes, Jeremy Lee and he told us about how their products are ideal for a huge range of applications and how they can benefit the healthcare sector.

Firstly, how important do you think the design of an interior space in the care sector is and why?

MagScapes have had a long relationship with commercial space planners. In the care sector we understand there are many aspects to space planning that require sensitive interpretation of health and safety for the young, old, sick and fragile – that are typically required of commercial refurbishment and new build projects.

MagScapes magnetic wallcoverings are normally specified in public areas because they provide a variety of benefits to the user. They offer a fast and easy way to change the graphics on the wall, offering a fun and playful environment for children and offers visual stimulation.

The surfaces used are easily cleanable and anti-bacterial materials are used.magscapes productBut even for the medical professionals it offers a fast and easy way of collating information and can be used to encourage group collaboration.

So with these elements in mind, it is easy to see why this is becoming a regular requirement in many health care facilities. They can be used by different people for different purposes at different times of the day.

Can you tell us about a project where your products have been a key design feature?

MagScapes began their involvement with the healthcare sector when they were first approached by Karen Sarkissian, the director of Art and Heritage, to create an interactive magnetic wallscape for the children’s gym in the new Evelina wing of Guys’ and St Thomas’ Hospital in London.

Magnet sets were created to help children perform various exercises. This is still in active use today, 10 years later!eveliina

“MagScapes were able to work with senior Evelina Consultants and Therapists to create playful magnet sets that were used to assess the child’s recovery progress”

– Karen Sarkissian – Director of Art and Heritage

“MagScapes provided us with a fantastic magnetic wall in our therapy gym and in one of our treatment rooms. We have a customised wall with a whale in the sea and the magnets are called ‘aquatic life’ – we use this wall in our treatment room every day”

– Susie Turner (Physiotherapist – Evelina – Guys and St Thomas NHS Trust)

This initial experience has led to MagScapes now serving a network of NHS and Private health care projects with materials and magnets.

How do your products actually help patients in medical/care facilities?

It is clear that magnets on walls can play an important role especially in the areas of:interactive boardgame

  • Fast and easy notice board with magnetic elements
  • Fun play areas for young children
  • Assessment devices for all ages
  • Nostalgia scenes for dementia wards
  • Oversize board games on walls for patient waiting areas
  • Diagnostics and discussion whiteboards for meeting areas

In elderly care facilities, the use of magnets are a safe and familiar way for patients to interact and maintain essential mobility with such things as a magnetic wall games. Dementia patients have also found reassurance with magnetic nostalgia scenes placed in rest areas.

 Are there any other innovative uses for your products that you believe would be useful in this sector?

Certainly, we can envisage the use of ‘smart’ magnet-backed sensors being used to observe, track and monitor patients to maintain safety and security.

The interesting benefit of having walls enabled to work with magnets is that it future proofs spaces for multiple uses as and when you need it.

Magscapes run a RIBA CPD presentation about the benefits of using magnetic wallcoverings from their Clerkenwell showroom, find out more information on their website www.magscapes.com


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