Q&A with Richard Naylor, Group Sustainable Development Director at Hypnos

With sustainability a key design influence for 2022, we speak to Richard Naylor, Group Sustainable Development Director at Hypnos, on how the company has a sustainability first approach which can support designers and the hospitality sector in their efforts to create the ultimate in comfort with integrity when it comes to the guest experience.

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Taking a sustainable approach to design has been prevalent within the industry for some time. What’s new?

Whilst we have seen low-carbon sustainable design become more prevalent, such as the increased use of materials created from fibre made from recycled plastic bottles, 2022 will see a further step change. More emphasis will be placed on traceable and certified materials from responsible and ethical supply chains, which are manufactured in a low carbon way and utilise sustainable packaging.

For example, the focus will shift towards using fewer plastic bottles, unless they are from a certified traceable source, in favour of more low carbon materials that can be easily recycled or are from a sustainable source, such as animal and plant-based fibres. Manufacturers will also be called upon by designers and hoteliers to present full transparency throughout the whole supply chain of the materials they opt for to enable them to offer complete confidence to eco-conscious guests.

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How does Hypnos embed sustainability throughout its manufacturing process?

At Hypnos Sustainability has been at the core of our business for over a decade. We became the world’s first bed company to be carbon neutral and utilise 100% recyclable packaging made from sugar cane. In the past nine years, we have offset a total of 9,550 tonnes of CO2e, including 802 tonnes in 2019/20 alone. We’ve also recycled over 235,000,000 plastic bottles using eOlus fibresTM  inside some of our mattresses.

We have established partnerships with equally ethically driven suppliers to ensure we take the most eco-conscious approach possible, including Red Tractor, the Woolkeepers, the Better Cotton initiative and CottonConnect to ensure we use traceable, natural, safe and low carbon certified materials.  We are also proud holders of the Global Recycled Standard, the prestigious ‘The Planet Mark – Carbon Neutral Certification’ and the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development.

What’s next for Hypnos with regards to further enhancing its sustainability credentials?

When it comes to sustainability, we always take a forward-thinking approach and new ways in which we can further improve our offering. Whether that’s for hoteliers or interior designers, we want to ensure they are equipped with everything they need to meet consumer demand and can be completely confident in the eco-credentials of our products.

Indeed, our environmental and responsible ethos stretches far beyond sustainable design, with a ‘lean and green’ operational culture which focuses on the minimisation of carbon emissions, energy and waste.

2022 will see us work with our partners and customers to delve even deeper into the origins and traceability of materials, ensure we continue to pioneer new ways to enable them to offer comfort with integrity to their guests.

Does putting sustainability at the forefront of design mean compromising in other areas such as functionality or comfort?

Not at all. Here at Hypnos, we have manufactured luxury handmade beds for more than 100 years, and this dedication to hand-crafting pocket spring mattresses and beautifully stylish beds is stronger than ever.

Our purpose is to inspire everyone to sleep sustainably and we hold ourselves accountable to that every single day. We pride ourselves on crafting comfortable, foam-free, recyclable and sustainable mattresses and stylish beds for UK hospitality projects, to not only help our hotelier partners reduce their own carbon footprint, but to help them satisfy the needs of their environmentally conscious guests too.

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For example, our new ethical Origins collection for the hospitality sector had been purposefully designed to support the hospitality industry in its efforts to create a greener future for travel without having to compromise on luxury.

The collection’s luxurious and durable mattresses are fully recyclable and feature a comprehensive choice of sustainable fibres with unparalleled traceability credentials.

Why is sustainability important to the guest experience?

As we all know, consumers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious, and as such are demanding guest experiences that meet their standards of sustainability. Research has shown that a growing number of guests are willing to pay up to 75% more to stay in a hotel that demonstrates authentic green credentials.*

Can you give us an example of working in partnership with the hospitality sector to create a sustainably minded design?

We’ve been fortunate to work with some of the most-forward thinking and eco-conscious hotels all over the world. However, one of our most recent projects was working with Pan Pacific London, the first European property from the Singaporean hotel group. The team at Pan Pacific London were committed to working responsibly and ethically to improve their sustainability and to reduce the impact on the environment. Centre stage of each room is a bespoke and ethically sourced Hypnos bed which provides the foundation for a perfect night’s sleep. We are proud to have helped deliver their vision of taking wellness and luxury into a new era.

Imagery by Jack Hardy

Pan Pacific Imagery: Jack Hardy

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