Richmond: Caring for The Future

In a world where we have all had to pause, we have also had time to reflect. Richmond International has used this period of reflection to look at its ways of working. The team has taken the time to analyse how it designs and has used these findings to create a new framework by which it will now more than ever, mindfully design hospitality for the future.

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Having time away from the studio and finding a rhythm in new routine aided a focus on what really matters to them as designers. This conclusively, was the environment and the impact that hospitality design has on the ecosystem and surrounding cultures.

This sparked the mission of redefining its Environmental Policy.

The aim was to create a policy that considered environmental factors and that gave the studio team an ethical structure throughout the design process. As the research began, it was clear that sustainability needed to be at the core.

Project by Richmond International

Richmond International’s Design Philosophy

Richmond International’s Design philosophy informs the narrative of every project and is supported by set pillars of sustainability.

These three pillars, Social, Environmental and Economic spark creativity and promote forward thinking within all of its designers that ensures the studio’s focus is centred around what is important to them, while still delivering outstanding designs for its clients.

This new rationale is not a ‘tick box’ exercise for them, this is Richmond’s ethos and at the core of its business and with this is in mind, they have set themselves targets.

Project by Richmond International

Richmond International’s Promise by 2025

Richmond pledges to have a percentage of local products manufactured within a 100 mile radius of its sites minimising carbon footprint and to support the local community. Every pitch it creates will have a sustainability awareness section, every product will adhere to Richmond’s code of minimum standards and it will reduce the use of materials extracted from the Earth’s crust.

The brand’s progressive approach to business has seen Richmond work with innovative manufacturers and suppliers and its new policy will further support this.

Richmond is striving to be better and is evolving the way it designs to support environments, cultures and communities. The team wants to ensure that the disruption of 2020 won’t be lost on them.

Project by Richmond International

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