Shackletons visit Farnham Mill Nursing Home

Shackletons were approached by Farnham Mill Nursing Home to supply them with furniture for their new build home. Their aims for the project was to create the best nursing and dementia home in the local area.

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“Quality is something we strive to achieve in everything that we do. That’s why we choose to work with Shackletons. We have worked with Shackletons for nearly 10-years. We love their quality, and their furniture allows our nursing homes to stand the test of time.” – Gabriel Martinez, Manager

Farnham Mill Nursing Home wanted the new build to be light and bright, with the feeling of all the comforts of home. Approaching the design, they took into consideration the needs of our dementia residents. It was important to them to create an environment that was calming, which was achieved through creating clear themes on each of the three floors, allowing residents to easily navigate through the home.

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The service they received from Shackletons was brilliant: they were prompt in organising samples, which allowed the residents and staff to try out some of their favourites. The residents played a big role in helping them select the furniture, as it’s them who use the chairs. Adding in the recliner chairs really made the lounges feel more like home.

The bright colour scheme and large windows  in the ground floor lounge brings the outside in. Franham Mill Nursign Home is really proud of their gardens, and it’s wonderful to open the windows on a sunny day so the residents can hear the ducks splashing in the pond.

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For over 50 years Shackletons have been designing and producing luxurious specialist furniture. Their products are well built and are more than capable of enduring every day wear and tear, and the high quality finish leaves a lasting impression

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