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Shaw Contract designs and manufactures carpet, carpet tile and resilient products that give foundation to space and support people within it. Most recently, Shaw Contract announced their new Assembly collection for EMEA which fosters a sense of purpose through synergy. 

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The places where we work, play, learn and collaborate are blending, becoming more flexible and multi-functional.

Designed to customise a space without a customised product, Assembly is a carpet tile system created to focus on surface textures and materiality. It is a representation of function and framework with a baseline textural pattern, additional pattern work and the introduction of saturated hues and the combination of neutral with colour in accent stripe format.

This carpet tile collection provides a variety of choices and colour combinations that afford a multitude of opportunities for direct wayfinding, gradual transitions and the thoughtful use of colour to define intentional spaces.

The effortless transition of pattern and colour provides specifiers a whole range of choices for impactful flooring designs. Created with flexibility in mind, this carpet tile collection offers the possibility to design with a systematic approach to yield unique and thoughtful installations. Random accent placements lend additional character.

Shaw Contract’s Design Director, Workplace Studio Ashley Olson says:

“Assembly takes a flexible yet systematic approach to how we design distinct spaces in which people can easily interact to build and foster strong relationships.”

Made in the UK by Shaw Contract for the UK, European, Middle East and African markets, this collection is available in 25 x100 cm tile and features three styles: Support, Establish and Convene.

Collection components
Assembly is a system of products thoughtfully designed to work individually or in unison. Combine pattern, scale and accents to promote wayfinding, brand identity and flexible spaces.

Has the five neutrals to lay the foundation of an environment in a textured pattern.

Offers five neutrals and five saturated hues that can be used in a variety of ways with its more open, organic pattern.

Neutral and saturated hues overlap in the same open, organic pattern, providing 25 colour combinations – an incredible variety of choice.

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