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Silent Gliss launched Silence in Black today, May 1st, and they invited Design Insider to visit their London showroom to learn more about this new collection, the cross-sector legacy of black and the opportunities this collection opens for Commercial Interior Designers.

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From May 1st Silence in Black is available to order, accompanied by an in-depth digital catalogue. You’re welcome to arrange to pop into Silent Gliss’ Business Design Centre, London, beautiful showroom or request for a member of their team to visit you in your studio.

Silence in Black is a comprehensive new standard colourway for Silent Gliss’ most popular collections. This new colourway is not a superficial solution, it does not stop at a black powder-coated finish, rather, every visible part of each product has been carefully manufactured in a specific jet back shade. This extends to 100’s of cast nylon components, composite parts, cords and chains. The development team have worked tirelessly to ensure an accurate colour match but also focused diligently on ensuring that the black components maintain the companies stringent quality, user experience and sustainability standards. 

Black as Standard

We only need to look back at the use of charcoal as the drawing medium for primitive cave paintings to see that black has always been a core element of design, holding a dominance in the artworld until the current day.

Black has also penetrated the art of fashion design, moving from the colour of mourning to the ‘must have’ wardrobe staple, the little black dress. 

These are not the only places where we see black has dominated fashion. In the 1950s black became a symbol of rebellion and social anarchy, worn by many punk, rock and motorcycle brands. Black continues to fundamentally drive fashion today, just take a look in your own wardrobe!

Whilst we spoke with Sam Sherville, Marketing Manager at Silent Gliss, she shared how the use of black often brings with it a perception of power, authority and formality and that black can also be selected to portray luxury, sophistication and elegance. It is the extraordinarily broad range of attributes which inspire leading brands to move to strong black branding, led by a black logo. It is also for these reasons that we have increasingly seen black move into our homes, workspaces and hospitality settings.

Commercial Interior Designers Excited by Black

Black is an extremely versatile colour when used in interiors, equally as fitting for traditional spaces as contemporary schemes, black offers neutrality. In recent years we have seen black move to be used for fixtures and fittings and importantly black has raised in popularity for window frames, including through the trend for crittall doors and windows.

Where white, then grey and then perhaps greige have previously led a neutral palette, a canvas from which feature colours and materials can be hung, black now answers this brief.

The Silent Gliss team had previously been asked to supply a black colour way through their Custom Colour service and are now thrilled to be able to offer black as standard. Their existing customer base and wholesale partners know that this is something the commercial and residential interiors market has been waiting for.

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