NEW: Silent Gliss’ Child-safe blinds and Smart Shading

Model: Child-Safe Blinds and SmartShading

Systems: 4

Usage: Blinds, Curtain Tracks

Operation: Chain, Electric, Battery

Dimensions: Dependent on system, W2-6m, drop 3.4-6m, Weight 2-15kg

Properties: 40 fabrics available in many colours, dimout, freshex and freshtex fabrics

Recent legislation changes surrounding child safety on chain operated blinds systems relates not only to homes but also commercial premises where children may be present such as public spaces and hotels. Silent Gliss puts safety first and has developed innovative products that can reduce the risk of accidents.

Design Insider explores their new child-safe blind system as well as their Smart Shading curtains and blinds.

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Design Insider Silent Gliss Roman Child Safe Restaurant

Silent Gliss, who is a member of the BCFA, are pleased to launch two new roman blind systems –  SG 2304 and SG 2305 – which incorporate an innovative and powerful magnetic solution to child safety. The elegant and compact blind systems include an endset that separates from the headrail when a weight of 6kg or above is applied to the chain.

There are some simple ways to make a blind ‘child safe’, such as shortening the chains and using devices that retain cords against the wall to prevent free-hanging loops.

The Silent Gliss roman blind system avoids the need to fix additional parts to the wall and allows a longer chain by integrates a magnetic breakaway device onto the headrail itself. Any risk to the child is removed because the chain set will literally ‘fall off’ should a weight of 6kg be applied to it and it is really simple to reattach the endset because the unique magnetic assembly means it simply clicks back together when placed close by.

2304 / 2305 endset


“Most people understand the legislation surrounding operating chains of blinds and curtain tracks. There is less awareness and understanding of the legislation regarding the management of the cords on the rear of the blind. Designers should be sure that the parts used are valid and have been tested together with the headrail system, without this certification the blind may not comply with the legislation.” – Sam Shervill, Marketing Manager.

Commercial spaces such as offices tend to use window shading that is more functional – such as roller or venetian blinds – to create light conditions suited to workstations. Public spaces such as libraries, hotels and retail premises are often designed to create a softer room ambience to make people feel  more comfortable and at home and roman blinds are ideal for this. The new child safety legislation is not limited to blinds in homes, any commercial or public space where children may be present, even if only occasionally must comply.

Roman Blind System SG 2345 with Natural

Smart Shading

Whether at home or at work, Smart technology connects products and services such as lighting, heating and audio. Smart by Silent Gliss transforms your motorised curtain and blinds into intelligent devices, with benefits such as bottom bar alignment, up synchronisation and complex scene settings.

Design Insider SilentGliss SmartHomeCover

Smart Shading gives you the flexibility to schedule curtains to open and close at particular times, the convenience of operating the blinds from a range of devices and the security of curtains moving automatically when not home. Pre-programmed scenes can create your perfect ambience, whilst the energy efficiency of Smart Shading means no overheating or heat loss.

Design Insider SilentGliss Smart Home Outside

Silent Gliss’ systems are specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with most leading building management systems (BMS), and is available with curtain tracks, roller, roman and dimout blinds, as well as sliding panels and Metropole.

Silent Gliss is one of the leading global suppliers of motorised and manual curtain and blind systems in the high quality market.

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