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BCFA OPEN SPRING DESIGN was held last week at the Old Truman Brewery with the ambition of highlighting the very best in contract interior products. The event had a wonderful atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm and is already establishing itself to be the go-to show for designers within the contract industry.


This spring event had an overriding theme of creativity which was addressed in many ways throughout the event, including by key note speaker Wayne Hemingway. At our early planning stages we knew that it was important for our BCFA Open visitors to have the opportunity to be creative themselves, to be able to take a break from their routine in order to unleash their creativity. Our first call was to the extremely talented pattern designers Chris and Suzanne Carpenter; the Patternistas.


The Patternistas ran their one hour Surface Pattern Workshop three times during BCFA Open, enticing more than 50 visitors to try their hand at pattern design.


The Patternistas began by introducing where they find their inspiration and by inspiring our visitors with their successful pattern collections for BCFA members Panaz and Ocee Design.


Visitors were than provided with a limited select of materials, paper, scissors, rubbers, ink pads and pencils, and guided through playful mark-making using the simple tools and techniques. Visitors were able to take time to contemplate composition and respond to the rhythm of repeat patterns.


The results of the workshop were wonderful, thank you to everyone who participated and thank you for the wonderful feedback:

Patternistas tweets


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