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Menopause & the Workplace: Interview with Kate Usher

Kate Usher is a Menopause Coach & Gender Equity Consultant. She work’s with women and organisations to create modern menopause conversations. As part of our focus on wellbeing we though it was imported to speak with Kate about supporting women to choose to stay in their chosen careers, do great work and take their place… Read More >

13 March 2023

Improved Wellbeing Through Relaxation with Silent Gliss

Over recent weeks we have been looking at the varied ways in which Wellbeing is being addresses throughout the commercial interiors sector and have explored projects with guest wellbeing at their heart, key approaches to wellbeing by Interior Designers and products which improve their user’s wellbeing. It’s not just the wellbeing of hospitality guests and… Read More >

24 February 2023

Five Key Approaches to Wellbeing in Interior Design

Five Key Approaches to Wellbeing in Interior Design: Should every project look and feel fantastic? Of course – but long before we get to that Instagrammable moment, designers need to be thinking of wellbeing and incorporating wellbeing strategies into their process.

24 February 2023

Top 3 workplace trends in 2023 with Amtico

British flooring manufacturer Amtico shares its insights into workplace design trends for 2023. Louisa Eyles, Commercial Marketing Manager, discusses the connection between sanctuary spaces, wayfinding and wellbeing. [Find Amtico through Product Finder] Wellness is going to be a key focal point in workplace design throughout 2023, with emphasis placed on designing office spaces centred around… Read More >

15 February 2023

Mental Health Setting by Knightsbridge Furniture

Finding furniture that’s suited to a variety of challenging environments can be a struggle. Ensuring models are safe and functional, yet stylish to support an effective and therapeutic environment is key. [Find Knightsbridge Furniture on the BCFA Product Finder] Optional weighting for tables, chairs and settees In order to prevent the risk of patients lifting… Read More >

20 October 2022

Tektura Mural’s Featured in Ideagen Offices

Nottingham-based Ideagen provide information management programmes for clients such as the NHS and Heineken.  Their new £2 million state-of-the-art headquarters covers 30,000 square feet, and includes room for 350 desks, along with breakout and collaborative areas.  [Find Tektura on the BCFA Product Finder] The space has a contemporary, industrial feel but is also focused on wellness.  The design and fitout… Read More >

28 September 2021

Design LSM Create Stylish Social Space for 22 Bishopsgate – the UK’s First Wellbeing Building

DesignLSM’s latest project sees the award-winning company implement the interior design for the food and dining areas on Level 2 at 22 Bishopsgate. The new, people-focused workplace destination can accommodate a community of up to 12,000 residents and visitors. Designed to put user experience and human interaction at its core, 22 Bishopsgate is the first… Read More >

24 August 2021

Dulux Trade – Designing for Dementia

Dulux Trade is furthering its commitment to provide colour and design support to enable the step-change necessary in the provision of environments for an ageing UK population and supporting people living with dementia.  The Dulux Trade Occupant Centred Colour and Design (OCCD) hub showcases industry leading initiatives, piloted alongside industry partners, furthering ideas around the… Read More >

27 May 2021

Finding sanctuary in the city with Oliver Heath

Interior design practice Oliver Heath Design, industry leaders in biophilic design and sustainability, are once again leading the way in bringing together the idea of re-connecting individuals with nature and using a sustainable and eco-friendly design approach. With a focus on occupant wellbeing and biophilia flourishing among the design world, Oliver Heath Design has recently… Read More >

9 July 2019

The greatest wealth is health

Tim Armitt, Managing Director at Lyndon, explains why it’s more important than ever for designers to create environments that are conducive to good health and wellbeing. Health and wellbeing are hot topics across all walks of life. From the food we eat to daily mindfulness, meditation and yoga practices, it seems like everyone is hitched… Read More >

20 May 2019