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Sustainability is now more important than ever with many consumers looking at ways to sustainably renovate their spaces. As the demand for innovative and responsibly-sourced materials increases, Havwoods is at the forefront of eco-friendly design, allowing homeowners and end users to choose wood flooring that is less harmful to the environment.

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“Information is now more accessible to the end user so inevitably more questions are being asked of supply chains. All our mills offer complete transparency and we are continuing to add extra accreditation to all our products to quantify our eco-credentials. After nearly 50 years in the flooring industry, Havwoods has proved their sustainable qualities as one  of the most reputable suppliers of quality timber floor.”
Darren Mayes, Head of Global Product Compliance, Havwoods Sustainable Stamp of Approval

Sustainable Stamp of Approval 

Customers are looking for materials with clear eco-orientated accreditations that show the raw material has been sourced in a responsible way. Committed to developing in this area, Havwoods works hard to ensure its timber is ethically and sustainably sourced by working only with reputable companies who meet independent certification.

Havwoods recently introduced its own seal of approval; HavSeal™. HavSeal is awarded on a points basis, this considers the health of the material, production process and also the material’s waste generation to determine whether it’s eligible for a green or gold seal of approval.

From the warm wooden hues of Althorp Rustic to the milky white tones of Alsace, it’s now easier than ever for consumers to choose a wood flooring solution that is functional, visually pleasing and kinder to the environment.


In addition to working hard to ensure its products cater to the eco-conscious homeowner, Havwoods also carefully selects and curates its external product offering. Combining style with sustainability, Foresso adds a striking statement to interior spaces.

Constructed with shards of discarded timber and set within a 0% VOC resin binder, this one-of-a-kind floor embodies eco-design. Utilising a minimum of 65% waste material, timber terrazzo revolutionises sustainable wood flooring and is available in a plank or tile format in four stunning shades.

With sustainability very much here to stay, Havwoods is passionate about continuing to introduce eco-friendly products for those in need of a wooden floor.

Check back soon for an exclusive interview with Darren Mayes, Head of Global Product Compliance, where we explore the brands approach to sustainability in more depth. 

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