Table Place Chairs’ Circle of Life

Introducing the Table Place Chairs’ Circle of Life, a structural free-standing framework with hanging recycled plastic curtains, the sustainable answer to partitioning walls. A great place to have impromptu meetings and quiet times!

The Circle of Life, named after the concept of Circular Economy, is responsibly sourced with curtains from recycled plastics. By reducing the need for partitions & plasterboard this product helps tackle the massive 60% of all landfills which comes from construction waste. Additionally, its frame and curtains are 100% recyclable at end of life.

The modular freestanding system can be extended, reduced, moved, and taken to new locations at any time without interfering with lighting, HVAC or flooring. Faster and more cost effective than traditional office alterations.

Available in three pre-set sizes and in separate sections for you create your ideal configuration for your space. Customise the size, frame colour and finally the recycled plastic curtains by Stansons.

The Circle of Life recently won the Icons of Design award and will be exhibited at the Workspace Design Show 2021.

“Brilliant alternative to the abundant glass meeting room. A meeting space without walls, this product will fit seamlessly in the next generation of the office space”

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