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10 years of Airbnb!

What has been its impact on the industry? It’s 10 years since Airbnb began, and whilst they weren’t the first company to promote private accommodation, they were the first to harness online technology and create a brand. With a brand value of $5.5b which matches Marriot, and only second to the Hilton valued at $6.3b,… Read More >

18 April 2018

Airbnb: An Opportunity!

In the Second of our new discussion series ‘Have Your Say’ we posed the question ‘Is Airbnb an opportunity or a threat?’  We had an interesting response, none more passionate than that from Leanne Wookey, Director at interior design and branding studio NoChintz. Airbnb is an online marketplace and hospitality service, enabling people to lease or rent… Read More >

1 December 2017