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10 years of Airbnb!

What has been its impact on the industry? It’s 10 years since Airbnb began, and whilst they weren’t the first company to promote private accommodation, they were the first to harness online technology and create a brand. With a brand value of $5.5b which matches Marriot, and only second to the Hilton valued at $6.3b,… Read More >

18 April 2018

VIDEO: Education and Industry

Following from our last video exploring graduates views on the next step on careers, we speak to top design professionals to get their view on this topic, what does the industry need to do to help bridge the gap between education and employment, or alternatively what does education need to do? Featuring: Mark Barrel (Boss… Read More >

23 August 2016

The Big Question: Transition – What is causing it?

Design Insider went out to the BCFA Members to see what their experience and thoughts are on the crossover of design between different market sectors. Here is what they said: Protocol on Hospitality and Healthcare “We have always worked a lot with the hospitality/hotel sector. One of the current trends is to expand the use of hotel… Read More >

11 March 2016

In conversation…….. Guy Dittrich and Ilker Hussein

During Sleep, Europe’s leading event focussed on global hospitality design, conference moderator, Guy Dittrich and Laufen Commercial Director, Ilker Hussein took some time to share their views on how they see the hospitality design industry. Guy: How do you see the value of Sleep with respect to your activities within the hospitality design industry? Ilker:… Read More >

3 February 2015