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Healthcare: Inside Out Contracts

In the past the interiors of healthcare facilities have been pigeonholed as having lacklustre designs and hospital-like styles. This has been necessary for practical reasons; they are challenging environments that are susceptible to damage and vulnerable to bacteria, so they require the best in hygiene and care. It is, however, just as important to create… Read More >

18 May 2021

The London skyline gets a new addition by Inside Out

Novotel’s flagship hotel in Canary Wharf has had the Inside Out treatment.Ascending to the 37th floor of Novotel’s flagship hotel in Canary Wharf, the Bokan destination restaurant, bar and roof top terrace is the latest addition to the iconic London skyline. Featuring a docklands narrative throughout, the modern but industrial restaurant incorporates our elegant chairs… Read More >

25 April 2017

Browns Brasserie & Bar: Inside Out Contracts

Inside Out Contracts continue their work with Browns and Design Clarity, brasseries, and Windsor and Bristol are the latest to undergo a transformation.Creating a modern and glamorous environment in distinctive and historical locations, Inside Out supplied a diverse selection of bespoke and high quality furniture to continue the modernisation of the famous brasserie chain. To… Read More >

9 March 2017

The Ins & Outs of Inside Out Contracts

Announcing the latest brochure from Inside Out Contracts. Click here to see some of their latest most beautiful projects and products…. The NEW company brochure showcases everything Inside Out, from their tailored bespoke and design services, to inside some of our favourite projects, this brochure gives great insight into how Inside Out can help you… Read More >

27 February 2017

The Beech House by Oakman Inns gets the Inside Out treatment

Inside Out Contracts continued their work with Oakman Inns and British designers People in Space. Inside Out supplied a contemporary selection of furniture for the impressive transformation of Oakman Inn’s latest restaurant. The Beech House located in Solihull covers a vast area from the inviting interior restaurant to the extended outdoor dining area.With the vision to… Read More >

17 February 2017