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Design Insider 2019 Predictions

Design Insider have taken the time to review events and talks that we have attended in 2018. After consulting with the experts, we would like to explore with you trends that we expect to see throughout the year: Bauhaus, Yellow, Metallics, Environmentally Considerate Resources and Pods! Below we will explain our reasoning for each growing trend for 2019…… Read More >

31 January 2019

Edmund Bell’s Metallic Appreciation

Edmund Bell, a BCFA member, are known for many types of fabrics: blackout, dimout, sheet, woven, print and upholstery. As their leading fabrics hold many sumptuous and tactile properties, Design Insider would like to bring you an inside look in to one specific colour: metallic. It’s the small details that make the difference within the frame… Read More >

31 August 2018